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Fresh List

  1. Try to scrape some Persian and Spanish lyrics.
    1. Finish processing the Persian data (need to convert Jalaili calendar to Gregorian).
    2. Insert the Persian lyrics.
  2. Finish rolling in TrevorP's automated finance/donations tools.

Running List...

  • Fix the songs with ", The" on the end instead of the beginning. See list here User:Sean_Colombo/The and category here: Category:The (many of those have been fixed but still have the categorization in them).
  • Make ‎LyricWiki Possible Song Covers List 1 actually work... split it up and possibly make it just a static page instead of wiki if the pages are too big.
  • Offer to keep stats on a plugin-specific basis in the SOAP for implementing-programs that will identify themselves in the requests.
  • Go through the requests for moves and take care of them.
  • Make an AIMbot that can give simple lyrics or better links to pages (after searching for fuzzy-matched names).
  • Write a bot to take care of the requests for deletion and run it
  • Do the song-by-song publisher tracking system.
  • Implement the API
  • Look into GFDL. - GFDL is too limiting. Change the MediaWiki:whatever template that displays "Your changes will be visible immediately" to include that submitters give us the right to use the content however we want to.
  • Finish that script to easily create artists/albums/songs
  • List of plugins to make:
    • Yahoo! Music Engine
    • Yahoo! LaunchCast
    • Windows Media Player
    • Winamp
    • iTunes
    • foobar2000
    • QCD
    • J. River Media Center
    • AlbumPlayer
    • MP3Toys
  • Album Of The Week - figure out a place for it and make UberBot update it as a cronjob like he does with SOTD.

Start Categorizing Songs By Theme

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