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I'm Artemis buy you can call me Artie or Arte or AP or whatever. I prefer St. Artie though. I'm student cartoonist with a huge love of the horror genre. I love music and am glad I can help contribute to this lovely site.

Vital Statistics

Name: Saint Artie/St. Artie. However, I'm probably better known as Artemis Panthar elsewhere.
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Location: California
What?: I'm an aspiring artist, cartoon artist to be precise.

Musical Interests

Morrissey,The Smiths, Green Day, 山岡晃 (Akira Yamaoka) (Silent Hill music)

Artists I have worked on

Green Day
Envy & Other Sins
The Smiths
山岡晃 (Akira Yamaoka)

Artists I'm in the process of working on


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