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I'm a college student in the South West of England, having completed A Level English Language, A Level English Literature and having studied A2 German and GCSE Latin.

I'm currently working my way through the German Disney and Tokio Hotel, translating them from the German to English. Let me know on User_talk:Rumpleteazer if there's a specific song that you'd like me to translate from German.

My other great love is the theater, and I currently work as a voluntary usher at my local theater. I also plan to pursue a career in acting, so wish me luck is all I'll say.

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To do


Artist Assessment Comments
Disney Ongoing.. Major project. Special case.
Nena Ongoing.. Continue translations from German to English. Fill in remaining lyrics.
Tokio Hotel Ongoing.. Continue translations from German to English.

Artist Assessment Comments

On Redxx's To do list ;)

Completed Projects

Artist Assessment Comments
Andrew Lloyd Webber COMPLETE After establishing which is the better version, all the song pages in the Other Songs list need to be moved/redirected to correct artist:correct song name, e.g. Sarah Brightman & Steve Barton:Think Of Me.
Andrew Lloyd Webber
(Other Songs)
COMPLETE AS FAR AS POSSIBLE Redirecting/moving lyrics to the correct album.
Les Misérables - Dutch Cast Recording (1991) COMPLETE Inputting lyrics
Anastasia (1997) COMPLETE Sorted Non-English lyrics, then inputting French, German and Spanish lyrics
Les Misérables - Die Musical-Sensation In Wien (1989) COMPLETE Inputting lyrics
The Fix (1997) COMPLETE Inputting lyrics
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