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  • I was born on January 4
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About me

I like most variations of Metal (Metalcore, Nu Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Symphonic Metal, etc.), and very little Rap and Pop. I don't like Country, and I despise Black Metal.

I like to clean up pages; adding in correct grammar and spelling.

I also love videos games, James Bond and the Doom series, especially. First-person shooters, in my opinion, are much better than third-person shooters. However, third-person shooters are usually better in terms of technicality.

TV shows are another love of mine. "Criminal Minds," "24," "NCIS," and "The Blacklist" are my favorites.

I am also a Christian. My faith in Christ is what keeps me going. I respect all beliefs and opinions, however, and hope to be shown the same courtesy.

Some favorite bands

Blow is a list of some of my favorite bands. First three are in order, the rest are thrown in as they come to mind.

And lots more.

Top-10 albums
Demon Hunter - Storm the Gates of Hell
Indica - A Way Away

Below is a list of my top-10 favorite albums I've ever listened to (as of Thursday, May 7, 2015).

Seven best albums of 2014 (in order)

Below is a list of the seven best albums of 2014.

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