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Ol' Blue Eyes Will Ongoing project. Special case.
Disney Rumpleteazer Ongoing project. Special case.
Cliff Richard Notime OK I know the eternal Peter Pan of Pop ain't exactly very "cool", but I certainly think he deserves a better page! Added a few albums but still needs a LOT of work...Notime now taking care of. (Thank you)
Andrew Lloyd Webber Rumpleteazer Needs lyrics compared and thereafter most songs redirected to Andrew Lloyd Webber. My P.A. Rumpleteazer took care of ;) (Thank you dear)
Mariah Carey Kiefer (his suggestion) sort Other Songs, get album art, etc.
Neil Young Kiefer (on his Worklist) Needs artwork, OS list sorting, albums created, etc.
John Denver Kiefer (on his Worklist) Needs lot of artwork and OS needs sorting.
Nirvana Aqua (on his Worklist) Needs OS sorting, artwork, albums created.
Johnny Cash Aqua (on his Worklist) 140 songs on OS list needs sorting. Ugh!!
Unknown Artist, Traditional, Various Artists, sort as far as possible
Eurovision Song Contest almost done...well I thought so...
The Animals needs splitting between The Animals and Eric Burdon & The Animals (N.B. get album covers first).
Hank Williams Jr. sort Other Songs (see talk page)
Staind sort Other Songs (see talk page)
Selena translations need looking at
T. Rex needs artwork, header, general sort
Peter, Paul & Mary add albums
Rod the Mod Other Songs need redirecting, needs album covers, etc.
Now That's What I Call Music! 3 (U.S. Series) (1999) complete the series?
Category:Pages Needing Artist Identification
Category:Split Eeepy sort Other Songs
Category:Pages Needing Split Catalog e.g. Barbra Streisand
Simply Red
REO Speedwagon
Burt Bacharach:The Look Of Love - The Burt Bacharach Collection - US Edition (1998)
"Weird Al" Yankovic#Other Songs Sort Other Songs - find correct artists and redirect(See also talk page)
Paul Rodgers Needs album art and links amended.
Small Faces Not started
Santana Needs a lot of album art. OS also needs sorting.
The Animals Again, a LOT of work needs doing on this page.
Elton John Sort Other Songs.
Template:Grammy Fix this and Acadamy

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America Some nice songs
Art Garfunkel Guaranteed to send you to sleep ;) Fate For Breakfast... memories...
Can't locate missing lyrics - transcribe?
Bad Company Don't get much better.
Can't locate missing lyrics - transcribe?
Bob Dylan All time fave...well obviously ;)
Carly Simon Can't locate missing lyrics - transcribe?
Carole King All time fave
Drive-By Truckers Introduced to this band by a guy I met in a pub hub. Great Southern rock!
Faces All time fave
Foo Fighters Absolutely superb band!
Free One of the greatest bands of all time
Joan Osborne
Joni Mitchell
KT Tunstall
Kula Shaker
Lynyrd Skynyrd Love 'em
Scorpions All time fave
Stereophonics Yeah I would ;)
The Edgar Winter Group
Jeff Healey Privileged to have seen live. The good die young. Sad loss.
The Police All time fave
Other Songs still need to be done.
Tokio Hotel Rumpleteazer My 13 year old daughter is in love with Bill Kaulitz. Oh, apparently that was last week. It's some guy out of Slipknot or KoRn now (lol).
Black Sabbath All time fave
Cat Stevens All time fave
Daniel Bedingfield A talented guy
David Bowie WITH Senv All time fave...obviously
Dr. Feelgood Local band
Duran Duran I think Notime should take over this one now, since he is their biggest fan (lol)
Hall & Oates Some good soulful songs
James Taylor Been a big fan of J.T's since I was introduced to him by what was to become my mother-in-law from hell (long since now ex) in 1977. At least she did one thing right by me ;)
Roger Daltrey
The Jimi Hendrix Experience All time fave
The Kinks Great British band

Some of my Fave Artists

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