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K, so what else is there to say about myself that I haven't already covered?

Well I am, for my sins, like many of you I suspect, a bit of a perfectionist. Hence my editing activities here on Wiki. It certainly beats taking the pills that's for sure ;) (j/k ...although I'm sure there are many who would say...hee hee)

As for music? Well although I was most definitely a 'rock chick' in my youth, and loved nothing better than to travel up to London on a frequent and regular basis to do a bit of headbanging (usually at the Hammersmith), my musical taste seems to have mellowed a great deal over the past 25 years.

Whilst I will confess that I am extremely proud of the fact that my neighbour, 10 years my junior, had cause to text me recently to ask me if I wouldn't mind turning my music down just a tad (apparently she couldn't get an answer at the door), my 'metal' days seem now to be all but behind me. Part of my own personal music history as it were. Don't get me wrong, I can still be caught rocking out on the odd occasion to a bit of Sabbath, Zeppelin, Purple, Scorpions, Bad Company, AC/DC, Whitesnake, possibly a bit of Hawkwind, The Who (yeah, not metal I know, but you gotta admit great nonetheless), just not so very often.

A great artist I've got into in the last few years is Dave Grohl and his band, the Foo Fighters. MCR aren't bad neither and I quite like some of System Of A Down's stuff. As for British bands? Well you can't beat Oasis, Stereophonics, Coldplay, Radiohead. Yeah, I suppose it would be fair to say that I listen to a lot more mainstream stuff now than I did years ago. I like to think that my listening habits reflect the fact that I have evolved, matured, etc. However I strongly suspect that some of my younger friends would put it more succinctly and say I've just become a boring old f**t (lol).

Whilst my listening habits may have changed, one thing that has remained constant over the years is my love for live music. Only now it's not the heavy guitar driven headbanging music of my youth, it's the acoustic stuff. Because if an artist/band can't cut it live, stripped of all the wonderful computerised and electronic special effects, then in my opinion they can't cut it at all...

My love for the 'unplugged' is I guess what led to me becoming a big fan of the 'Live Lounge', a regular feature on UK's BBC Radio 1 (see links below). Hosted by Jo Whiley, 'Live Lounge' exhibits well-known artists performing one of their own songs, and usually one by another artist, in an acoustic format. The cover songs are often from a completely different genre to that which the performer originates, and thereby offer a new and interesting perspective on the original songs. I believe that I probably have one of the largest collections of recordings from these sessions - currently numbering some 260-300 tracks. The covers performed during these sessions are my particular speciality. Needless to say, I don't just collect these recordings, I research them and correctly tag them too (lol)!

Ok, well that's about all you're going to get. More than enough don't you agree? (hee hee)

 ♫Яєdxx Actions Words 22:27, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

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