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誰か/Dare ka/Naga-who?

I am a recent graduate, with a B.A. in English (pending one yet unresolved matter); now seeking a job, but only halfheartedly until I get academic and other matters figured out. I took two years of college Japanese, and I'm not anywhere near being tired of the language yet. That's what I'm here to employ and improve--it's good practice for a good cause. I'm also casually (very, very casually) attempting for the second time to acquire Esperanto. Possibly Spanish, too, in the future. And maybe others, who knows.


Garnet Crow

∙Add link/information for "Kaze to Rainbow" / 風とRAINBOW to artist page
∙Add kana, kanji, translation for the song "Kaze to Rainbow" / 風とRAINBOW



∙Review "Colors" English translation


まだない。 D:

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