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I might work on this again once I have some free time...

To Do


  • Anti-Flag - cleaned up the whole page... completely redid For Blood and Empire... Other Songs... album art... etc.
  • Bedlight For Blue Eyes - made page
  • Brand New - i honestly don't remember what i did. according to the history, i did general cleanup and fixed Other Songs a bit.
  • Gallows - made some of the song pages
  • Kansas - cleaned Other Songs
  • Led Zeppelin - fixed little typos
  • The National - put the album art on one of the specific album pages, capitalization, and some brilliant person had linked the Boxer cover to a page showing the Apartment Story lyrics so i fixed that too
  • Nightwish - added most album art, cleaned up dead links, organized menu to make it understandable, Other Songs
  • Phantom Planet - added album art, cleaned Other Songs, overall cleaned up the page
  • Pink Floyd - reformatted all spoken words in The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon... polished up other little code errors
  • Queen - Other Songs and typos
  • Rise Against - capitalization issues and Other Songs
  • Senses Fail - Other Songs and typos
  • System Of A Down - cleaned up code in individual albums so "Wikipedia" link wasn't intrusive

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