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Me and my fiancée Ryan

About me

My name is Mairead. Most people call me Mer. I am 25. I am in love with my fiance Ryan. I play guitar, uke, sing, and like to try and play the ocarina. I like cats, video games, and anime. I like Youtube, and I love watching movies. (If I don't fall asleep that is). I'm not very religious, but I still hold a strong connection with God. I go to college and I hope to be a child psychologist one day. I love kids, I can't wait to be a mom. My favorite color is orange, but I hate choosing. Can I just pick rainbow? The Unicorn is my favorite mythological creature. The Harpy is a close second. I love jokes. I think I'm a very funny person. I talk really fast, and sometimes people have a hard time catching up. I have a slight obsession with Pokemon. Japanese Pop makes me happy. I play way too many video games, but I could 24/7 no problem. I miss having my lips pierced, but I guess that's called growing up.

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