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This a bot account run by User:Bobogoobo using AWB. It is typically used for batches of minor formatting changes and making sure things are consistent, as well as running through pages to find problems that need to be fixed manually (which takes forever).

Scripts that may be used:

Note to self: load lyric-settings.xml and keep all cleanup replacements there.

Current Projects

As AWB has a limit on the size of the page list, it's easier to do Artists/Albums/Songs by first letter category (full recursive).

Category(ies) Problem Action Criteria Progress
Artists Headings violating Album List List chronologically Skip if doesn't contain regex:
Continue at Artists I

Periodic Tasks

Things that should be checked once in a while after being fixed.

Selection Problem Action Criteria Notes
Category:Requests For Romanization
Category:Requests For Translation
Category:Requests For Writing
Language parameter missing Replace regex: (hidden for page width) -> $1|$2}} with summary: Request lang Category (not recursive), filter out Talk: and Category:, don't skip if no changes Last run 2016-06-17. Regex needs improvement to allow other templates before request template, and to handle hyphenated lang.
Category:Hometown/United States/Georgia Incorrect flag (Georgia the country) Replace }} -> |flag=Georgia (U.S. state)}} Skip if contains |flag= or doesn't contain HometownCat (or filter to Category namespace only) Last run: 2016-05-24. Need to find any similar issues.

Ideas For Bot Tasks

May or may not be doable with AWB or may need manual checks. Often other fixable issues come up anyway, like inconsistent artist page layout.


  • Run RegexTypoFix with skip if doesn't contain regex: \|language\s*\=\s*English. Should combine other formatting with this - taking everything from TidyLyrics and plugging it in would be a good start.
  • Lyrics formatting: EOL whitespace, smart quotes and other punctuation to standard, anything else done by lyric format scripts.
  • Song pages with headings (other than ToSP).
  • Find songs where only lyrics are "Instrumental" or some variation (should use Template:Instrumental). Can probably find most through shortest song pages.
  • SongHeader with typeX specified on bluelink album (verify that type is specified on album page), or with typeX capitalized.
  • Language parameter that doesn't match lyrics (multiple-language missing languages would be more difficult).
  • Change any UL in artist (or album) page track listings to OL.
  • Albums in SH in chronological order.
  • Songs with badges in wrong order, causing display problems. (Could alternatively be done with variables, like with detecting missing header.)


  • Check for sections here too.


  • AWB auto cleanup - link spacing/redundancy, underscores before pipe in link, stray whitespace, etc.
  • Spaces within headings - \n(\=+)\s+(.*)\s+(\=+) -> \n$1$2$3 (needs refining for h3 on line after h2)
  • Missing {{clear}} after tracklist with AA. (Need regex)
  • ArtistInfo members - TBD. (Change "Current members" back to "Current Members" after AWB fixes) Change en dash to hyphen, after fixes
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