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I am an electrical engineering major college student currently attending Oklahoma State University. I love music and languages, especially Japanese.

Here at I work on the Japanese songs, deal with the templates and do various work dealing with the technical side of the site. I am a programmer and have contributed code to this site. I am also very interested in making this site the primary source of licensed lyrics available on the internet.

I helped start the LyricWiki:Japan group to help get the Japanese lyrics consistent and to have a place to talk with others interested in Japanese. I have been studying Japanese since I first discovered Japanese music in the summer of 2002. I'm by no means at a native level, but that is my target. This also provides an opportunity to gauge how far I have come and how far I still have to go with my studies.

I originally found this site through the music player I use, Amarok. I don't even remember why I installed the script for this site, but I did. One thing lead to another and here I am, most likely to stay for a very long time.

If you need to contact me, leave a note on my talk page. I can also usually be found idling in the site's IRC channel.

Sites I use

Things I Have Done Here

  • Wrote an extension that adds a batch move special page for administrators to handle Category:Requests For Moves
  • Wrote a bot in Ruby, Janitor (talkcontribs).
  • Wrote an extension to MediaWiki to allow RSS feeds, including the iTunes format. See Special:Version.
  • Helped design the Main Page for the web site (as of November 2, 2006).
  • Added support for Watchlist RSS/Atom Feeds.

Artists I Like

川田まみ (Mami Kawada) | Kotoko | Angela | savage genius | 梶浦由記 (Yuki Kajiura) | move | dream | The Pillows | BoA | See-Saw | FictionJunction Yuuka | FictionJunction | T.M.Revolution | Two-Mix


Ace | Lolita | Dave Rodgers


Kansas | Heart | DragonForce | Machinae Supremacy

Category:Genre/Rock, Metal, Power Metal

iTunes Japan Top Songs

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My Top Tracks

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ToDo List



Japanese Resources

  • Rikaichan (in browser popup Japanese/English dictionary) This makes romanizing Japanese songs a whole lot easier.
  • "An Introduction to Japanese Syntax, Grammar and Language" - free online book on Japanese Grammar. This is one of the best grammar books I have every read.
  • Japanese Dictionary This Japanese site has a Japanese-English dictionary, and also a Japanese-Only dictionary, i.e. definitions in Japanese, which I find very helpful to read how the Japanese describe the meaning of their words.

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