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I don't spend a whole lot of time on LW anymore...

I had a Cheatsheet, a Sandbox and I almost got a bot working.

I sometimes hang out on the IRC channel.

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(and excessive exclamation marks should only be used for sarcasm)

"How can I help?"

Well, seeing as you asked! You can:


Here's what I planned on doing at some point:

  • HumBOT.
  • Category:Lists categorising stuff.
  • Category:Artist Subpages stuff.
  • Look into the pages in Category:Triple J and annihilate any redlinks or pretty up any artist pages.
  • The Herd:Summerland (2008) has lyrics with the album that I might manage to scan in. not "clean" enough to get a proper ORC.
  • Dictating lyrics for TZU and The Herd songs. Coming soon is Pacman, Who? and Position Correction.
  • Certifying those songs which I am watching. Feel free to do this for me as I'm sure it's more reliable to have a second set of ears listening to it.


TZUThe Cat EmpireThe John Butler TrioThe HerdFlight Of The ConchordsWolfmotherBliss N EsoDogs Die In Hot Cars"Weird Al" Yankovic

These are some of my favourite songs in no particular order:

Poking fun at Johnny Howard. I must admit that I've been filmed dancing by myself to this song while drunk. Good times.
"No regrets yet, we intend to get reckless." This is a great party song and I enjoy the story they tell.
"I love this sunburnt country, I love it a lot/ It's just a pity about all the redneck fuck!"
This song makes me laugh. "...cos I like to eat and laugh/ and f**k and play down low/ these are the things I know/ well hchello hchello..." So true.
"This is the story of a girl and boy who fell in love/ and then love kicked them both in the groin..." and that's just the first line. I'm pretty sure it's based on truth too.
"I'd rather take a razor blade and put it to my wrist/ than sell records on the basis that I have to promote/ sniffing and selling coke, toting guns and smoking dope." This song highlights what I think is a vital difference between Aussie Hip Hop and "bling" Hip Hop.
Best riff ever!
This is quite an awesome song, like The King Is Dead, and also has an awesome - well best in Australia in 2008 (J Award) - video clip.

Old Classics:

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