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Red asked me where I've been the time between registration and getting on her nerves, so I thought I'd simply tell my whole story.

Not interested? Then maybe you might like to go back to my userpage.

Chris stumbles across LyricWiki

I am not quite sure which song's lyric I was looking for when I found LyricWiki. However, I remember LyricWiki to be the best source for that lyric, no errors, no registration needed to see the full lyrics, the lyrics were formatted nice and everything was tidy. I was really happy Smile.

The other day I just heared a song and wondered if LyricWiki had got the lyrics to it. As LyricWiki seemed to be rather complete with lyrics so far (Whaaat? I was really naive back then! Grin) I was shocked not to find it. But I'd contributed to Wikipedia before, so I knew how to handle gaps in wikis: "edit" and "Save changes" Wink Well, and there it was, my first lyric on LyricWiki... "Wow, that was easy." I'd tried to correct some lyrics on other communities, but it always said something like "Ooops, something went wrong, your edits don't seem to be done by someone who wants to help" - they obviously didn't want my help and had nothing on LyricWiki: open for everyone to help.


Later, I'd already found some work to do, and then I thought "ok, why not register, so everyone sees you are the one who is editing the pages". Yes, I am proud of my contributions Wink Registration was easy, and even my favourite nickname was still available Yeah. I registered and later tried out the "move"-feature, I was impressed I had the powers to do that.

Getting started

Once I'd seen a translation from German to English I believed it would be okay to do the other way round. Of course I did not read the help, since I believed all wiki helps to be the same like "do not copy protected material" and so on. Maybe, this was a first step into the direction I am heading now... I think, if I'd seen LyricWiki didn't want side by side translations the other way round, I would still be doing some minor edits, or I'd even forgotten about LyricWiki. But I did not read the help, so my following 2 contributions were translations. Then I somehow forgot about LyricWiki anyway Sceptical - I suppose I didn't listen to music I wanted the lyrics for.

Exactly one month after my last contribution I was creating an HTML/JavaScript-Editor all night long, listening to the never ending repeat-loop of Mattafix:Living Darfur. I was so touched by the lyrics that I decided to translate them to make understandable what the lyric says for the ones who only speak German, too. Meanwhile I translated Alphabeat:Fascination as one of the most popular songs in Germany then.

My first project

I don't know how or why (most likely for "the Ping Pong Song") I got onto the page of Enrique Iglesias - dear me, tons of "Other Songs". This page needed some help! So Enrique was my first 'project', a pile of tasks all at the same artist. I caused a lot of redirects, and later quite a lot for Kanye West, too.

First admin contact - uuuuh, exciting ;)

I got something wrong and thought someone hadn't payed attention to the rule of first-letter-capitalisation. So I edited Ich+Ich, and Kiefer (admin) told me why it was correct like it was before. Sorry Kiefer, my fault. I'm not quite sure if I had argued about how to write the titles if I had realised he is admin from the first time I read his post. So this was my first admin-contact (the welcome message that everyone gets anyway doesn't count Wink) - although I didn't realise it as one Hihi.

Howsoever, from that point on I occasionally hit LyricWiki every few days, doing a bunch of edits when I found something to do. I still hadn't realised how big LyricWiki was. I just noticed that every lyric I wanted to have was available - now I know why (ÜberBot). Later on I returned to Enrique to redirect some pages, and I'm still not sure I picked the right ones to remain Blush

Jenniffer Kae

This is certainly the biggest block I've done and finished so far. Jenniffer Kae was my second project. Well, how did it become one of mine's anyway? At that time I used to chat with my best friend Jenni, she is a big fan of Jenniffer. As I showed LyricWiki to Jenni, she immediately looked up Jenniffer's page and it was basically empty, no, I mean, it didn't exist. Ouch, that one hurt Punched. In the chatroom Jenni whispered to me "if you've got time on your hands, you can try to add all lyrics and translate them Wink". The "Wink" made it look like a challenge, and since I always want to impress girls (hee hee Shy) I accepted it. Secondary I saw the task as a chance to make LyricWiki something special. I compared it to magistrix and golyr, and they both only had translations for "Little White Lies" - Jenniffer's most famous song. I wanted to make LyricWiki the first site offering translations for all of Jenniffer's songs. By the way, meanwhile I made it Proud

Depression & work-stop

Most of Jenniffer's songs I finished during the first evening and night. Soon I had established a high-tech folder- and documents-system on my PC to keep work in progress. But after a while I was kind of tired to translate. Additionally LyricWiki wasn't my only project then. I was the forum's favourite HTML, JavaScript and CSS supporter and had a long worklist of jobs, requests and orders. On the other hand school very soon started again, and I had some ideas for projects at home. I had about 20 projects at the same time, 10 of them were urgent, and none of the projects showed any progress at all because I was working on all of them which is a lot slower than doing them one by one. Everytime one project was stuck I thought out and started a new one, just loading more pressure. To have all that work to do in my mind depressed me and I lost my motivation to do anything - it got silent around my account after the fifth of January.

There were only some minor edits when I occasionally visited LyricWiki for school or when I listened to a song I liked.


In April I was listening to Patrice:Sunshine. I like the song and looked what other songs Patrice had sung so far. What looked like some minor work at the beginning turned out to be a lot of work at his artistpage - so I made Patrice one of my projects.

Some days later I stumbled across Eiffel 65:Blue - it was basically made of some listings, so I thought "why not translate it". Having that done I finally completed the Jenniffer Kae-project as surprise for Jenni. Smile

This is where my rather silent existance in LyricWiki ends.

Project No. 3

There's hardly anything to say about my third project... Buddy was added when I was looking for "Ab in den Süden". His page was kind of untidy, and as he hasn't got that many songs I thought I could do the edits. I submitted a translation for "Ab in den Süden" - this time the right way round Wink - and the other songs. Unfortunately I cannot find any information on the last missing song "Watt'n Ding", so I think I'll leave it like that and tick Buddy as done.

Causing a great stir

Finally I contacted 6×9 about multiple languages. I had noticed that I was the only one who submitted translations the other way round. This caused a really big discussion and renewing of the multi-lang system at LyricWiki. Until then, translations by users and multiple language releases by artists were not completely divided. Besides, LyricWiki wasn't intended to provide translations into any language, only into English I think (at least the help-pages always said "English"). During this discussion I got to know some other admins than Kiefer and 6×9, and I am happy I may contribute to their wiki Smile

Apart from 6, especially Red and Teknomunk should know me by now. I'm really glad they seem to like me as much as I like them.

Oh, and I almost forgot this one: one day I looked at 6's userpage and saw his "categories needing special attention" - from that point on I am fighting against the 3 big "missing"-categories "length", "cover", and "genre" of albums. This fight is the main reason why Red now is what I'd call a very good friend of mine.

Chris' 4th and 5th project

The 4th project was a bit tricky I think, there were soooooo many possibilities to write One-T, is it "The Magic Key" or just "Magic Key", "feat." Cool-T (with all its variants of name), maybe "And", "&" or "+" or without anything? I planned to redirect everything to "One-T" and make a mix from the best parts of all lyrics...

The 5th project was added because the page is very incomplete although it's not really much work. I like Novaspace-music, so I thought it should be enough motivation to finish this project.

I didn't do anything for the "missing"-categories in those days, but planned to get back to work very soon. I was searching for a more effective way to edit, but still I'm afraid there's none. Maybe I'll use the laptop to do split screen research.


Soon, LyricWiki got a new bot: Botanic is mine now. Until now he didn't do much (just some correction of language), but he'd certainly help, at least that is what I thought. In fact, I never got into Python deep enough to make him really useful Sad. Fortunately my future edits compensated my lack of interest and I could contribute some other bot programs.

LyricWiki Suite

Yeeehaaw, I was somehow back and away at the same time from then on: Red managed to get some distance between my cursor and her talk-page by complimenting me for my small applications. They seemed to be helpful, so I made some plans for some more useful tools I've been missing myself. I was mainly working at home on my PC instead of editing pages, and I was just visiting my LWS-pages every few days to keep interested users (most likely only Red and maybe 6 and Senv Hihi) up to date about my work.

Side note: Of course I was mainly doing this to impress Red *hee hee* Wink. However it seemed to work: "Wow, I'm impressed." *Yessss, strike!* Yeah


After LyricWiki moved to Wikia there's been quite a messaround with names, problems and bugs. However, eventually my old account Chris was merged with my new account LWChris - new name, but the same guy. I finally edited again after I left LyricWiki a bit outside because it was very stressful during the first two months after the move. I decided to let my projects go, because it appeared to me that this wasn't the type of work that I'm best at. I like to do the same thing over and over until my keyboard breaks (and as I am very careful, this won't happen). Research isn't my strength, so I'll tidy up LyricWiki in my own way by doing the same actions to many sites. The move also left Botanic unusable. Well, it was interesting to see that there's some python base for edits, but he's sleeping now and I don't think I'll wake him up again.

Edits times two

It sounds a bit strange, but I'm procrastinator and workaholic at the same time. Usually I finish my homework just in time, sometimes I've got to do it in the brakes before the lessons. On the other side, I do lots of homework. Biggrin

As I'm a bit lazy, I always look for work that is just a lot to do but not very demanding; this is my way to relax. I do not have to think a lot about what I'm doing, basically it's just hitting the same shortcuts on my keyboard over and over. This is possible because the rest of the work is done automatically by "Greasemonkey", which I found comes in handy as soon as it gets to serial edits. Fortunately I know quite a bit about JavaScript (well, I'm not perfect at it at all, but it's enough to write userscripts that edit LyricWiki pages).

I find me a task that has to be done for a list of pages. Then I write several scripts that do the work and all I have to do is click every page in the list, check the results, maybe edit some pages because they contained other mistakes (as I edit the page anyways, I can also fix issues at once, can't I?), and save the page. I do this for several hours, completing the pages or reducing errors. I think it's fun to tidy up LyricWiki, and that greatly increases its quality. Meanwhile I even made it to create truly evil scripts Smirk. Evil scripts are those that do absolutely everything: within a category, it finds the pages, and then opens, edits, saves and closes them again. Furthermore it's able to paginate in the category. Sick stuff, isn't it? Biggrin

Working with Senv

Redxx already told me what a great pal Senv is, and I got to know him when he corrected some Greasemonkey scripts I made. It even got better:

I was working on Special:DeadendPages which was showing all pages because of an error in the MediaWiki software. It could be fixed by editing the pages or touching them (that is saving without any edits). Senv suggested to touch the pages using Lwt, but I disapproved it and edited them by hand. Thereby I could let my scripts fix some errors at the same time, which is much more sensible. However I made something like an agreement with Senv, and I think it's great he was willing to help me: my scripts generated a list of wrongly named pages and his Lwt "cyborg" moved them to the correct places. We agreed on an XML format. Maybe we can set up more "tasks by input" (TBIs as I call them) like touching pages or so.

LWPNE - Tackling a problem

When editing the DeadendPages, I often found songs that were named wrongly. There was nothing wrong about the name itself, but the spelling didn't match the page naming conventions of the project, so-called LW:PN. I used to filter them out with my Greasemonkey-Script to hand them over to Senv with his Lwt, which moved them for me, but that meant, that I always had to give him something like 20 jobs, which was quite annoying for him I think. So I thought out a better way via API, which provides the option to list "categorymembers". As I am able to code in Delphi (or at least I was at that time), which is compilable to executables, and I decided to use the API for a new program, my LWPNE, which is for "LyricWiki Page Names - Enforcer". It scanned through the output of the API for some categories, and generated lists of the pages to move. Its yield was tremendous: nearly 9000 movable pages were found, and approximately another 6000 which have to be checked and then redirected. The lists were updated every now and then, roundabout every month, but I discontinued that. Maybe I'll rerun that program later on.
Soon I developed a "warn-bar" for LyricWiki, which popped out when a user tried to create a page which is named wrongly. This was meant to help reduce the number of pages that were created although the content is already available on the LW:PN-conform page. Unfortunately, that function was broken by the new skin. I'm not sure I'll add it again.


This is a very small bug somehow really huge chapter of my existance in LyricWiki. I was fed up by the pages Gracenote created to prevent the creation of pages for songs of artists whose lyrics must not be on LyricWiki. However that meant LyricWiki was literally swamped with empty placeholder pages. I thought about my Gracenote Placeholder Project, which was sucessfully completed at the 11th of July, 2011.

The T-Line

Very soon I started to develop my own template set called T-Line. Well, there's nothing much left to say than that everything that you should know about it is on that page. I will continue to write here whenever it's ready (if ever Blush).

Quotes and comments

  • "Hm, my userpage is filled with a lot of stuff, looks like I'd stay here for a while."
  • Every topic I start on talk-pages seems to grow big.
  • I'm more often visiting LyricWiki than Google at the moment...
  • Regarding the time I'm online here, you could think I live in the server's hard-drives.
  • No updates in my watchlist for 10 minutes? Booooring! at 4am
  • "Am I the only non-admin writing on admins' talk-pages?"
  • "The person who thinks to look right through me already fell for me."
  • Someone has to do it either way, so why not me? (This is my motto, too)
  • Oh, I almost signed a forum-post with ~~~~

...hopefully to be continued

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