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Wanna see how this templates look like? Visit the test page (but please don't edit anything there).

The T-Line is a template set for LyricWiki. It's an approach by Chris to create a full template set that would later be able to completely replace the current one. In order not to disturb the current growth process of LyricWiki by any means, the enhancements are pushed into a completely independant template series (without transclusion of any "current" template except for {{tl}}), easily identifiable by the uppercase T at the end of the template name. The advantage is that there is no risk of destroying compatibilities and functionality if changes are needed in any current template. Furthermore, the T-Line is only used on a few testpages, so a change to the templates does not trigger thousands of update jobs in the job queue.

In comparison to the current template set, there are some conventions Chris has made for the templates:

  • Template name is written in inicaps without the spaces, aka "CamelCase"; additionally it ends with an uppercase T
  • Parameter names - if there are any present - are always written lowercase only
  • Try to use as few templates as possible for the user (User Templates), but as many as sensible for the internal code handling (System Templates)
  • Internal template transclusions of templates with unnamed parameters should be done with explicitly numbered parameters
  • Any unique HTML elements should get an id, others a class
  • Apply CSS using #id or .class selectors in the global style sheet, not via the elements' style attributes
  • The template code is wrapped in <includeonly> tags, all other code in <noinclude>. Code parts visible on both transcluding pages and the template pages themselves are to be avoided.
  • Template documentations are to be transcluded from a /doc subpage (of course, within the <noinclude> tags)

The "T" is for:

  • Testing
  • Temporary (in case it's ever used in the future)
  • Transclusion (the idea arose when the transclusion testcase was designed)

Other subpages

  • Compatibility - the unified sheet of how the conversion from the current template system to the T-Line could be done
  • Status - an overview about the status of all templates and their documentations
  • Todo - a temporary list of ideas and todos during the process of development; does also include steps that do not have to do with the implementation of templates
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