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Since Red seemed to be sold on my small apps I developed for LW, I merged these into one single program, which is extended by several more functions, some options and some other stuff that might be very useful and come in handy.

This application is called LyricWiki Suite, or shorter LWS.

DOWNLOAD NOW: Official homepage of LyricWiki Suite by Chris

Features Overview

Already available


* PreCoding Support is a planned feature, and means the user is supported by copy-and-paste-ready formatted page-snippets

Latest news

  • 20.06.2010 The new version was silently released last month.
The update includes:
Several Lyrics Translator improvements: progress info, arrow-key-navigation, enhanced translating
PreCoder improvement makes code-generation a lot smarter
Time adding now with tracknumbers
Bugfixes in Lyrics Translator and Time adding
Other minor changes
The homepage can't be updated at the moment, because it's hard to create all the new screenshots for the documentation.

Important news history

The update includes:
Time adding finally included with a new layout
New sources "Wikipedia" and "" for PreCoder
PreCoder adapted to the recent template-updates
Minor changes and bugfixes
  • 23.11.2009 PreCoder was split up into 3 modules: PreCoder, Lyrics Corrector and Templation
  • 22.11.2009 Start of module Time adding
  • 22.11.2009 Module Time adding officially included
  • 14.11.2009 PreCoder accepts as source now.
  • 14.10.2009 PreCoder accepts Wikipedia as source now.
  • 07.09.2009 The download is available at the offcial homepage of LyricWiki Suite by Chris
  • 28.08.2009 Module PreCoder has reached Alpha status
  • 25.08.2009 Facts about the upcoming release of LWS:
Estimated release date of LWS: middle of September (including PreCoder Alpha)
Estimated file-size: 1 MB
Expected overall status then: 70%
  • 18.08.2009 Module Wikibyer is ready
  • 15.08.2009 Start of module Wikibyer
  • 15.08.2009 New feature for PreCoder
  • 15.08.2009 Module Translator is ready
  • 12.08.2009 Module Wikibyer officially included
  • 12.08.2009 Start of module PreCoder
  • 10.08.2009 Module BotTask officially included
  • 10.08.2009 Start of module Translator
  • 09.08.2009 Module WatchDoc is ready
  • 07.08.2009 Start of module WatchDoc
  • 07.08.2009 Start of LWS project


Time Addition

Basically it's a feature to add single track-times, useful if there's no total-time available at Wikipedia or MusicBrainz, but the single times are available at Wikipedia-tracklisting or for example at Amazon-store.


A simple tool that extracts the artist in formatted song-lists and appends this with a "by [[Artist]]" outside of the song link. A small time saver when creating tracklists for compilations.


Planned to be a powerful tool, PreCoder is designed to create valid track-listings from various input list types.

Lyrics Translator

This tool recognises identical lines and applies the hand-made translation on them.


A GUI to create simple bot tasks in no time.


Provides advanced cleaning options for the watchlist, such as artist- and page-grouping and batch selection.

Lyrics Corrector

This tool provides you with a powerful GUI to easily format lyrics and correct smaller mistakes.


Improve and create templates with the support of a handy GUI.

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