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The "GPP" is the "Gracenote Placeholder Project". Aim of the project is to convert protected placeholder pages by Gracenote into create-protected titles. Therefore, the placeholders have to be deleted, and the title is to be protected again.


There are several big problems arising from the use of placeholders:

  1. Placeholders have no content, hence no language for the {{SongFooter}}.
  2. Many placeholders are songs with wrong names. Although some titles are comprehensible, many are simply absurd, unfortunately.
  3. Because of that, only few placeholder redirects are really useful and desirable, whereas most are nothing but additional work for the admins.
  4. Until they are transformed to redirects, placeholders will be located in the Other Songs section. This doesn't only look quite ugly, it also makes finding "usual" pages more difficult, e. g. those that are really not sorted into albums yet.
  5. Placeholders, no matter if kept or made to redirects, are currently massively "spamming" the Special:PrefixIndex pages, which often makes a profitable use of the alphabetical browsing impossible.
  6. This makes LyricWiki less usable and altogether look poorly maintained for new and unknowing visitors.

For usual users, create-protected pages appear like the usual empty pages, except there's no "Create" button. Adding a section about that to the FAQ would be sensible and should do for most users. If they type in "action=edit" manually, they will get a note that the page is create-protected (and also why). Create-protected titles can still be made to protected redirects afterwards by admins, which is why the create-protected pages are no loss compared to placeholders.

Instead of Special:PrefixIndex, placeholders will appear on Special:ProtectedTitles, whereas {{gracenote_takedown}} could put the real takedowns into a category. This increases the tidyness through coherent sorting:

  • Content pages and takedowns are visible at Special:PrefixIndex and on the artist page.
  • Real takedowns are visible in their own category.
  • Placeholders (and their redirects) are visible at Special:ProtectedTitles.

History / News

  • 17.03.2011 - Idea
  • 04.05.2011 - No more words needed...
  • 21.06.2011 - Go-ahead given by Sean
  • 28.06.2011 - Preparing the lists out of GracenoteBot's contributions
  • 29.06.2011 - A documentation is set up on how to
  • 01.07.2011 - With 6×9 all admins agreed to the GPP
  • 03.07.2011 - Development of the bot program starts
  • 06.07.2011 - The basic development is ready
  • 07.07.2011 - Due to an error, the main programm is rewritten to simplify the code
  • 08.07.2011 - Many tests don't detect the reason for the error; the search takes until late in the afternoon
  • 09.07.2011 - An invisible encoding error was found to be the reason, the program is rewritten again
  • 10.07.2011 - First more and more successful tests. Finally running the bot in a batch.
  • 11.07.2011 - Done after 8 hours of (nearly) non-stop work
  • 11.07.2011 - GNB wasn't reprogrammed yet, it creates new placeholders again

Since the early morning hours of July 10th, 2011, the GPP Bot is working!

For more detail, read the full documentation. For results, see this XML document.

Logs are here. (Internal LyricWiki Logs)

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