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This song is a parody of "Babylon" by David Gray.
Round one, I'm slicing flesh
All the zombie skin goes from grey to red
Running through the tunnels
Strategies running through my head.
Looking back through time, you know
It's clear that I've been blind; I've been a fool.
Zombies are dumb, but if you get that close then
They are dangerous too

Round five I'm running wild and
All the lights are changing to red and green.
Moving to the vending machines.
Perk-a-cola rushing in my bloodstream.
Running through the hall
I buy a gun from the wall-I've been afraid
To see a SMR floating and
Admit to some of those bad mistakes I've made

And if you don't want it, don't try for it
For crying out loud
The weapons it was giving you were
Always in doubt
Hold onto your M16, keep your bowie knife
And use it now
Love your AN-94, buy a little more
And forget about
Mystery Box
Mystery Box
Mystery Box

Round 20 all the Zombie eyes are shining
Turbine fading, zombies coming through
Kickin' through dust
And wondering where it is I should be going to
I give the giant the jug
He gives it one last glug, and I can't believe
I give the box one last spin
And see a Raygun Mark II floating there
in front of me

And if you want it, come and get it
Crying out loud
The gun that it was, giving you was
Never in doubt
Let go your M107, let go your M1911
And take it now
Let go your M14, let go of your knives
And take it now
Let go your war machine, let go of your FAL
And take it now
Let go your KAP-40, let go of your BTR
And take it now
Mystery Box
Mystery Box
Mystery Box...aaah
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