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Hi. Please try to keep the page short. It's now 58 kB, that's a bit too much. Also, try keeping the uploading of pics to a minimum. Thanks! --Mischko <img src="/images/3/31/Talkicon.png" alt="Talk to me" /> <img src="/images/1/1e/EsperanzaIcon.png" alt="Esperanza Member" /> 15:07, 27 December 2006 (EST)
Geez I can see it's that big, takes forever to submit. Especially with the limited resources we have - wink wink


lily, ull be happy.... check this out!!!


old katsluvfoosball

              • Yo wat ^? Bye.
                It's about 4:30pm right now.
                I'm bored even though I'm supposed to be working on homework right now.
                We should have ************ join us here. Then we would change the password from what it is now & add ************ initials and "****'s" initials.
                Well, talk to ya later.
                See ya!
                • lol luv da PW doods
                  mushka is lOUD 0_o
                  i make a AWESUM basssoooon or bass bass
                  maybe thats a bass clarinett
                  i lurve bari saxxes
                  that ones KEWL
                  i hate ********* he evil
                  dood hes evil
                  i wish i could suspend my liking of guys

☺((")(") Name: CHOCATE!!! BYEZ LOL I THINK **** SUCKS!!!!!!! 
garz i hate that boxy thing... 
**** sucks but *** is my cute little klutzo!!! lol im so boreded lol hahahaheeeeee im hyperzzzz Role Playing: i want a guy to ask me to dance...

          • wanna dance?

Me: HELL NO!!!!!!

        • wanna dance?

Me: you just NOW ask me???

      • wanna dance?


        • Who should I ask to dance?

Me: (well, he didnt ask me directly, but...) ME!

              • mm, this popcorn sure is good!

Me: your interrupting!!! Some random guy: wanna dance? Me: do i know you???

          • i like dog!

me: well i like..... hey, what happened to *****?

                • sorry but that flutes creeped out a little...
                  i luurrrrrve my bari sax!!! (i mean ********'s bari sax *winkwink*)

I want to play BARI SAX!!!! i love mr **** for not saying no!!! BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA baritone is like a tuba or a bass a true BASS instrument not a stupid tenor haha

              • hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, and hello to u too! Okaaaaaayyyy. I'm bored. I should be working on stupid SS ?'s and typing up my Sci Vocab, but, hehehehehehe, I'm not!Here's a clarinet:

Isn't my clarinet awesome!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!!!???????? U want to see my trumpet? Here it is: It's a little messed up but oh well. Boxies wer mean but not any more. I found out how to stop it ('cause I'm da computa masta)!!!!!! It's a weird little dude!

              • I LOVE *****!!! He is like so totally awesome! I mean, like, totally! And he is like, the sweetest guy ever! I mean, like, totally!

`¡™£¢∞§¶•ªº–≠«‘“πøˆ¨¥†®´∑œåß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬…æ÷≥≤µ˜∫√ç≈Ω=/*-+7894561230.`⁄€‹›fifl‡°·‚—±»’”∏؈¨Áˇ‰´„ŒÅÍÎÏ˝ÓÔÒÚÆ¿˘¯Â˜ı◊Dz¸=/*-+.0123456789 How the heck do ya do a smiley face?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Hey! Guess what? I found out how to say "Do you like cats?" in Spanish! Gotta go! Byezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

              • WHEN THE HECK ARE YOU GONNA COME ON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

NOW IDIOT! (jk) geez.... so. ********* is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg............... i think i LIKE him............... easter.... my anniversary. sad. in a way. THIS... THIS IS NO SAXOPHONE!!! 
butbutbut im bored bored bored BORED i saw benchwarmers today... he..heheh......... with *********! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was awesome..... • sigh* it was sooo cool....... awesome................ hahaha! i went on a date before u lol!!!!! AND IT WASNT WITH **** ****!!!! later! *dreamy gaze* byez....... 
argh it sud be illegal to be that cuutte!!!! im making plans w/ him for next week! ...if i have the nerve to call him..... lol i like movies. i really do. • snicker* omgomgomg yah awesummmmm u comin on this week??? gee i wunder. i wanna play bari sax!!!! but i wanna play piccolo, and flute, but.... i dunno! I CANT DECIDE!!!!!!! where ish i goin wit dat life of mine??? a gewd direction. everybodys all talking about wat college there goin to, and its not just the high schoolers. i actually heard a lot of *th graders talking bout that. i dunno wat the heck there talkin about.... maybe i shud look 4 a musical college in california. that would be nice, cuz ill be goin to my next class, and then boom.... i could just sit outside for a while and do my homework, cuz campus is OUTDOORS!!! yah man!!! i could finish up all my classes, then KABOOM! KABOOM!!! I could go outside and practice my bari, then my bassoon, then my tuba, and then my bass (sadly i need to learn a stringed instrument to be a band teacher.... this is gunna suck..........) remember how i went out with *********? about that, heheheheh...... in.......... my ...........dreams...... lol! i got you didnt i???? u really thot i was going out with him. thats so funny. i do want a date before summer tho, cuz otherwise id explode!!! im MUCH MUCH MUCH more boy crazy now than i was last year. my head nearly exploded when i missed noel LAST summer.... i have too many boys, too big of a risk to go a WHOLE SUMMER without them!!!!!!! this is pretty pathetic!!!!!!!!!! ....if nobody asks me out or sumthin by the end of the year, then shud i ask sumone out? my reasons for... this: 1. i need ***** to snap out of it! i DO NOT like him!!! i was friends with him earlier, but he got stupider and stupider... and still getting worse. i need a boyfriend so he can snap out of it. 2. wat i sed earlier about exploding 3. and much much more!!! that if forget!!!

i DID see benchwarmers today, tho. cya hahahahaha!!1 byez

FINALLY! Youre back! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa! OK. Whoopdeedoo. OK. I'll admit that at 1st I thut you really mite hav been goin out with ****** (*********), BUT I was wonderin if u wer lieing. Turns out u wer. Hey! U shud ask him out! Wud ya? Doubt it. & dont feel like an idiot just cuz u will miss watevr guy u like at the time skool gets out. I mean its FINE! Do u know how freakin much I missed **** (omg, I luv him!) last summer?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried like practically every nite for the 1st 2 weeks of summer vacation! OMG!!! June is in a month & a 1/2! Mee-air-dah!!! That's wen I mite b askin **** out! That's if I can at all!!! I sound like Mia Thermopolis wen Im on here. Do u evn know who she is? Shes the main character from The Princess Diaries series. I bet u thut it had sumthin to do wif that series. Well, its so sad. I must leev now to do evil freakin HW. Byezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! Im back! & now Im gone. Bye!

WEN THE HECK R U GONNA COM ON AGEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I need tips 4 askin guys out. Gimme some now. PLEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry. freaking out. u know. abwt june. pleez help! Plans for *********: (btw, if ur gonna ask him out, u shud start callin him by his real name (******))

1) I ask 4 u if he has a gf 2)U ask him 4 his em@il 3)U ask him out

 -he says yes
   -u 2 go out on dates be4 I hav the guts 2 ask out a guy (well, not just annnyyy guy. **** of course!)
 -he says no
   -u get vry ^set & wsh u cud suspend ur liking of guys (im guessin)

R u prepared?!?!?!?!?! Also, that was funny 2day at lunch wen u sed hi to ********* & ur face turned RED! Im serious. 2 me, its funny. but 2 u, embarassing (probably). Shud i ask **** out on 5/26 or 6/2???????????????? well, i mst go 2 wrk on evl frekn SS ?'s. Byezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☺ I♡**** I♡**** I♥**** ☮dude! ♬♫♪♩ like so ttly rcks ✯ ✯


        • used 2 cal me ******* ***** & he used 2 cal hmslf ***** ****

Did u know ****'s middle name is *******? I♥**** ******* ****!!!!!!!!!!

Recent Chat

HypaBaritone: I am now making a wikipedia for Retards of Happyland: User:RetardsOfHappyland lets hope it works, lol!

HypaBaritone: shudd it be BrandonsGrrl or HypaBaritone

HypaBaritone: cuz ykno HypaBaritone suits HypaBandGeeks, but I still like BrandonsGrrl... cuz yknow who i lurve! an who bought me pizza! an stuffs so ya...

Lindsay: CrazeeFlootGrrl, or LEL&LOL, or maybe possibly PiccoloPetette LOL
Makayla: HypaBaritone, or Kittypoo, or (my favorite), BrandonsGrrl

HypaBaritone/BrandonsGrrl: OOH c0tt0n3y3dj03! i lurve dis song lol... but hey im not REALLY Brandon's Girl...YET..... so maybe I'll just stick with HypaBaritone fer a while

HypaBaritone: when da heck r u comin on??? btw, we're going to see Man of the Year on friday sometime after the dance. I'll get the showtimes and ticket cost soon. I wonder if I'll have the guts to ask Brandon out. I doubt it. But I have to! I mean that's the whole reason I scheduled this. OH! I might be able to beg my parents to pay for a LIMO so it can pick us up, take us to the dance, take us to da movie, and then take us all home. That would be so cool. me, bailey, and u should be the murdered homecoming court! It would rawk. We'd have to make brandon dress in a tux or sumthin. LOL that would be hilarious. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I haven't IMed Brandon all weekend tho. I'll have to call him sum time. i hope he can come! Hey, would ur parents get paranoid if there wasn't an adult there? from how my dad was talking it sounded like i didn't have to bring adults if i didnt want to, and we could bring guys. He said we could do that. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! So if it's okay with everyone else's parents, we can go unsupervised, as long as we have someone (possibly a Limo) to pick us up afterwards. I won't be able to pay for da limo, but if i get on my knees and beg maybe my parents will pay for one, lol. OMG!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEK! I cannot wait! =D cya!

HypaBass: omg i hate how my mom needs 110% details on things!!!! I mean, its okay if she want to get things straight (like me) and only asks who's doing transportation, how much the tickets are, otha stuff. the only problem is, she needs EXTRA info. i TOLD her, your parents are cool that austin is comin (i also told her he was a FLIPPIN FRIEND!!!) and theyre cool it's PG-13, theyre okay that it starts at 9:55, BLAHBLAH but noooo, she needs EXTRA confirmation. It's like she doesn't trust that i'm telling the truth that you already ASKED ur parents all that stuff! and they're fine. i mean seriously, we're not 10 year olds going on a date! well, i know, its KINDA a date, but (if brandon comes), I'll be the only one on an actual sort-of-date!!! and if brandon doesn't come, i mean, seriously, do you really think we're going to start making out with austin, the guy who's only a friend and also has a girlfriend? Oh, yes, we're going to be ALL over him, your parents are probly gunna freak out! NOOOO!! retarded people. o well. then she was all, "okay so your getting to the point where you're wanting to go do these things with your friends..." she was talking to me in that tone of voice she used when i asked to wear a bra. oh yes i LOVE that tone. just absolutely LOVE it. (btw that was sarcasm...)

HypaBass: well my aunt is over... im trying to avoid her, so i'm locking myself in da bonus room and hoping she won't come up. its not like i don't love her or anything, there's just this thing.... i dunno. every single time she comes over, she somehow makes me angry and it ruins everything. the worst part is it hurts my mom, so she always talks to me whenever that happens, and she almost cried once. I hate it! i try to not do that, but i dunno, there;s just something about her. we'll be fine until this one thing happens, but after that the visit is screwed. I don't want my aunts visit to be ruined because of me, so I'm starting to think its best to just try and avoid her when she comes over. I wish i knew her birthday, maybe it has something to do with astronomy....

HypaBass: sasha's getting pink claws today! HOT PINK!! its so cute. Brandon will love that lol.

BrandonsGrrl: So it sounds like I'm buying tickets on Fandango, so no one wil have to pay for the tickets. we all meet at the dance, then at 9:30 we leave to the movies. (my mom drives us all there, then... *gulp*... watches the movie with us. She promised to be at the total otha end of the row from me. YESS. then she'll drive us all home. i'm secretly hoping that my dad will be able to drive, since i honestly want him to be the one at the movies. my mom will be weird. she SAYS she won't embarass me, but, lets be honest, anyone in my family knows that the only parent who's really good at that is my dad. He's kinda like brandon, if he even tried to embarass anyone, he wouldn't succeed. Only my mom can accurately embarass me. mostly because she needs too many details. My dad would be all, "okay, you're going to the movies. You know how to pay? It's okay with everyone's parents? am I the chaperone? am i driving theM? okay." That's all i really need too. but my mom..... umm.... "is it okay that there's going to be boys?" "mom, number one, there GUYS, not boys, and number two, there's only going to be austin and possibly my friend Brandon. no dates here (except for me and brandon, but i'm not telling my mom that, now am i?)" "is it okay with everyone's parents that this movie is rated PG-13?" "Mom. try to remember how old we are." "13, yes i know, but most 13 year old's parents won't let them watch PG-13 movies." "mom! why do you think it's called PG-13???" "i'm just making sure! well, so is this like a date?" "no, mom, it's just a movie." "okay. I'm going to be bored. Can I invite aunt sarah?" "well, mom, if you do, then katie will have to go, and we kinda planned this to be me, bailey, lindsay, and each of us invite a friend. the only reason we're letting you go is so that lindsay and bailey's parents wont freak out and not let them go." "so?" "well, mom, if it you and a friend, that kinda ruins it." "you think your own mom will ruin a movie if she brings a friend?" "well, mom, here's the thing, i don't care if you bring dad. i mean whatever, i was going to invite him anyway. but, mom, katie will have to go, and then you two will be all mommy ish to us. and treat us like we're 5 year olds seeing the blues clues movie together." "If you guys can invite a friend, i can too, right?" "mom. you're sounding like a little sister who we had to drag along." "Whatever, man." "thats not cool." "i can say whatever i want, little missy!" "i never said you couldn't say it." "so i can say it all i want?" " I never said that either."

whatever! I just wish it would be my dad instead of my mom! he wouldn't insist on bringing another adult along either, except maybe hayden. That's the farthest it will go. If mom has to go too, i'll just forget the whole thing. i wish this thing would just work out the way it should. grr. cya...


Lily Lelobass:

YO! it finally wrkd 4 lettn me log in. Yay!

omgagaz! (i feel lyk sayn dat l8ly) my just has 2 tlk 2 ur mom abwt da movy fing & shell let me go! Yay!!!

So Austin can't go? dat suckz! i waz kinda hopn dat he wud b abl 2 go & we wud sit next 2 each ofer &...

ok ill just shut ^ now

ok my name iz ethr gonna b Lily Lelobass or Piccololo'sweethart. i lyk dem bth tho. me dont kno wich 2 chooz. wich 1???

so iz it dat AW can only go if hiz mom goz?

omgagaz! im listenn 2 aqua ryt now & they r awsum! im listenn 2 Doctor Jones. its a gud song. i lurve it! its sweet & fun 2 listen 2. hehehe!

ooh!!!!!!! me hav a meen idea but it iz revnge!

ok u kno how §halen or watevr her name iz deletd our chattn page? well, dis is kinda meen, but we cud try & delete her page. u wanna try??? wahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! (& hu carz if its meen!)

me lyk AW!!!

ooh! me lyk aqua! thyr ttly awsum! im listenn 2 lollipop/candyman ryt now. its awsum!!!

ooh! lyricz:

rosez r red & violetz r blu hony iz sweet but not az sweet az u
rosez r red & violetz r blu da dee da deem da da dee da deem da
dum dee da dee da dum dee da dee da dum dee da dee da
dum dee da dee da dum dee da dee da dum dee da dee da
come pik my rosez

den it haz dis awsum music part. im seryus! its AWSUM!


o! btw my mom dznt kno dat u r invitn 2 guys 2 movy on frdy. but i doubt shell care!

2 bad AW cant go cuz oferwiz it wud b awsum if he cud go but o well. *sniff sniff*


well im gettn brd now so byezzz!!!

ps go 2 dis site it iz sooo awsum!


ps u can get da lyricz 4 sos on dat site prbbly!


HypaBass: Lindsay... I just got 'it'...... and theres a party. ttyl. bye...

BrandonsGrrl: I called sexy drummer a while ago. he was eating. So i told him to call me back... do you think he actually will? lol. ineewayz, I just got a piccy of Jay! I hate how if you se a picture of someone, you remember them more. whatever. It's a blurry (although hott) piccy of him. I also got a picture of brandon marching w/ his drum. It was really cute, and really, really, hott, but also blurry, and he was looking the otha way. MLEAAH. How dare he look away from the camera! I sent it to my phone so it can be the wallpaper, but, umm, i don't think itll work. i really don't like this system of theirs. wateva. I just hope I can get ANY picture of him on my cell. remember how austin had a piccy of his [ex]girlfriend for his wallpaper? hahalarious. I'm sad that Mason is going to play Bari Sax on monday. I'm not special anymore. Waah. wateva. cya.


SO DAY RELLY DID BREAK ^?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

doz dat mean i nw hav a chnce wif AW?????????? o! & frdy at da dnce wen he sed dat it waz obvyus i lyk him did he say nyfing abwt wethr or not he lyks me??????????

omgagaz! i dnt knw!


im bord

dnt kno nyfing 2 say

SO DID AW & K RELY BREAK ^?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Lily Lelobass:

omgagaz! wen my mom fwnd wt da othr day dat i lyk AW she askd if he feels da same & i sed i hav no idea but darz dis 1 othr litle problem. i waz gonna tell her abwt how he alredy has a GF but i endd ^ not havn a chnce 2 tel her.


BrandonsGrrl: I just found out that my brother is a functional member of society! he likes someone ;)

she looks nice. but hey, it's only a yearbook picture. I'm gettin a lil too excited over this. I took like 200 guesses until I finally guessed her. lol he made me guess.

I wonder if Brandon really forgot to call me. I wonder if he just didn't want to. Jenna saw brandon for the first time today... waah.

Me: *sees brandon and waves*
Brandon: *does this weird thing where he covers his face and then waves (?)*
Me: *laughs* sup!
Brandon: hey!
after a few seconds...
Jenna: was that Brandon?
Me: yeahh.... ♥
Jenna: *starts laughing* he's a little elf!!!
Me: wtf jenna???!!!
Jenna: I'm sorry, he reminds me of a little elf!
Me: U suk jenna! :(

but she apologised later. lol it was sad. Is brandon REALLY that short? my gawd. wateva. I want to call him! I cant wait!!! ........ YEAH!


i made a blinki like that... ill see if i can upload it...

File:Blinki.gif right?

or not geez u mean computer >:(

nvm it worked! =D

now for more...


cute one, right? This is the guy who i met while camping.


told u it was blurry... but nonetheless hott.

i don't wanna be a piccy freak so thats all ill upload. like those piccys? they rawk. cyasall laterz... byez...

BrandonsGrrl signed off at 4:12pm



jay iz kinda cute... but AW iz bttr!

howd u get da pic of BJ? kinda blury but o wel. by any chnce cud u get a pic of AW 4 me wifout him knoing??? cuz btw, AW iz sooooo HOTT! hehehehe!

i wondr if AW iz evr gonna join us on CRWF (chattinroxwiffrends)??? i sooo hope so! hehehe!

i got 2 go wrk on evl hw now.




o yeh! um on da talk page there's a message fingy mabober from sum wikipedia dude sayn sumfin abwt da pics. u take a luk at it since u put da pics on. & plus i dont understand wat da baise he's talking abwt!

well me need 2 go now


BrandonsGrrl signed on at 6:30pm

BrandonsGrrl: I just talked to brandon. i lurve dat guy!!! ineewayz, he will show me his school piccy tomorrow!!!!!!! YAAY I CANT WAIT!!! i'll bet its really hott.

  • Temperature
  • Give it up to me
  • Straight Up
  • Yardie Bone
  • I'll take you there

those are awesum songs by Sean Paul. The'yre all on the trinity. brandon made this piccy of da marching band...


I cant wait til baileys paryatay!!! i cant believe brandon might be abble to come!!! forgive me, after I talk to him i kinda obsess lol.

So sorry about your great-grandfather... sounds terrible..... i hope he feels better soon.......

well ummmm


dundundun dundundun well woman the way the time cold i wanna be keeping you warm i got da right temperature for shelter u from da storm oh lord galigotthe right tactics to turn you on and girl i wanna be the papa you can be the mom oh-oh


cya i guess

BrandonsGrrl is Idle at 6:45pm

BrandonsGrrl signed off at 6:53pm

HypaBass is on meh hommeez

HypaBass: a new word...

    marmatater: a plant that grows tater tots

i invented it. me and hayden were playing scrabble, and i had this awesome plan: I put down lade, and then later i was going to put marma (marma+lade=marmalade, talk about big points!) but hayden screwed it up and turned lade into tater!!! so i put down marmatater. lol. it got me 58 points and won me the game! g2g

hypabass ran to the tv screaming


my screename iz sooo awsum!!!

srry dat waz kinda random.

je ne sais pas. ooh ooh ooh! Baise!!!'


me hyper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its sooooooooooooooooo sad AW waznt at skool 2day. waah! maybe ill see him 2morow. hopefuly!

omgagaz! megan and iris and hilary r all tryn 2 figur out hu kyle has a crush on.

OMG!!!!!! 4 da 1st tym evr just now, i ddnt capitalize the begining of kyle's name. OMG!!! its scary! omg! i must really not lyk him any mor! creepy!

HU CAREZ!!! srry. me goin crazee ryt now!

i g2g wrk on hw now!


BrandonsGrrl: lol lelobass. I swear, ethan gave rylee a hug at lunch recess. I say it was a hug. he came up behind her like a sneak attack, then he did thise thing where he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. aww! he's real sweet to rylee. they should go out, don't cha think? ohh, that reminds me....

I had this dream where all of the sudden brandon went totally crazy over me.... for some odd reason the school computers had yahoo messenger on it, and when i logged on he was like begging for me... he asked me to be his girlfriend, like this one message said "hey... we can be more than friends, you know? I really want you to please be my girlfriend!!!" I was really flattered and i screamed and got myself kicked out of the library. then i ran to you and told you right away. you didnt really get it because i was speechless and kept babbling. eventually i just took you to the library and showed u the message. u were all, oh. my. gawd. it was a really cool dream and when i woke up it went, "WAAAT? IT WAS ONLY A DREAM???!!!" i feel like a dork. now i'm obsessing even in my dreams!!!! uggh.. i dont wanna be a crazy obsessed stalker..... waah. the trinity is a really cool song too.

well, obviously, i was really excited to see brandon that day. yeeahh.... i wish it would really be like my dream, but probly not that extreme... he sent me like 50 IMs when i was offline... waow. some dream.

which reminds me of a really weird dream austin had. i can't tell anyone about it tho... lets just say it took place at the movie we saw on friday the 13th. yah... it was a really strange dream.

soo brandon's hair is moved. like, in the front its different. idk. but its cute! thats all i say now. i gotta stop. im like u, i wish that 7th grade and 8th grade lunch could coexist. i have like 15 friends in 7th grade, including sexy drummer. lol i wrote sexy drummer on my binder and then smudged it. lol i wonder who will notice first. i g2g. cya!!!


BrandonsGrrl: casper made a kitty. meow.

BrandonsGrrl: wit eraser clay thingy.

BrandonsGrrl: yah...... today i told him he got taller. he sed he grew an inch since june. i dont believe him. I think he grew 6. seriously....

BrandonsGrrl: he gets to play snaredrum for da next concert! yaay, happy brandon....

BrandonsGrrl: wat wudd happen if u and texas ranger started going out...

BrandonsGrrl: an wat if Mylee and Casper started going out...

BrandonsGrrl: Silver is so gay

Hypabass: I mean seriously a guy named silver wouldn't be hott

HypaBaritone: he would be a girly guy with long wavy silver *shudder* hair and tight black pants who always wears this weird baggy mettallic purple shirt that's always tucked in to his bellybutton-high (did i mention this yet?..) TIGHT black pants!!! EWWW!!!! that's how i imagined silver!!! Banshee HAS to change the name!!!! or else it would be freaky. btw the guy would be like 40

Hypabass: but casper is hawtt

CaspersLady: Bryan Casper.... but they all call him casper because bryan is pathetic. Casper..... and Mylee. Mylee Castellaei. MYLEE CASPER!!! lol! that was retarded!

CaspersLady: but, really, doesn't casper sound like a hawtt, mysterious guy who has lawg hair (VERY important!!!)? ...renea.... ethan: Elliot. Renea and Elliot. yess. this is turning out to be one romantic story. LOL. austin=tuscan raider. tuscan. texan... tusla....Tullen....ewww..... here i come lol

cya in while probly g2g to da UNstable LOL

~CaspersLady/BrandonsGrrl (same thing lol)

CaspersLady: HEEY austin could be ichabod!!!! lol that was a funny name. lol i cannot type!! im not looking at the keyboard... it takes me like a minute to type a sentence!!! lol im trying to be better at typing......

BrandonsGrrl: One of brandons friends came up to me and sed 'hi brandon! hi brandon's friend!" it was really funny, brandon was all, "hey," and i was all, "....hi?" it was really funny.

CaspersLady: i was doing something on my dad's computer in his office, it was really funny, because my cat thought i was my dad, so she came ripping into the office screaing "DADDY'S HOME!!!!!!" but then i just stared at her and shen she stared at me for w hile and then went, "YOUR NOT WHO I THOT U WERE!!!" and then ran out of the office screaming. lately she's been running into the banister... i think she forgot we had one... its really funny, she'll just come ripping down the hall and then run into the banister. shell just sit there going, "WHO PUT THAT THERE???" and then run away screaming. my cat is very strange.


Hypabass: OMGAGAZ lily will u eva be on??? :( ineewayz... umm.. idk...

austin can go to da paryatay but he has to leave early for special football! how dare he... i tried to call brandon, but he dint answer, ill either call him later or he'll go on yahoo. idk bout spencer, and idk bout max, or.... wait, whos the last guy??? theres one more right...... waah.......

im so happy megan helped me with math today! she rawks! now it makes sense. lol. listenin to da dance mix now. straight up by sean paul. one of my favorites.

OOH YEAHHH!!! KYLE IS TEH LAST ONEE!!! ill call an ask him now!!!!

...or at least soon. this song is too gewd. =D

idk wat else to write... im bored, an i can't really do anuything since POS.... i guess ull look at rylees myspace.... if its not blocked from my computer, lol...

Cyasall laters.... ~~Hypabass


hiyas! srry i havnt cum on in a wile. ben buzy wif alotsa stuf: gr8 grandpa dyin in about in a week in a 1/2, party on satday, slumbrprty on frdy, harvest fetival on satday, hw, & ofer stuf in general. mi god dats alotsa stuf goin on!

anywayz, cool I <3 Austin blinki fing! i lurve it!!! hehehehehehe

also, harz a list a ppolz we invitd 2 da prty & wefer or not day can cum:

Austin Wheaton-Yes; Has 2 Leev Early
Brandon Harris-?
Kyle Watt(g33k!)-?
Spencer Ribeley-?
Sarah Church- ?
Max Hymes-Probably

ill type ^ da res of da list l8er.



yo! watsup!!!?

OMG! WAT R U GONNA SAY 2 DRACO ON THRSDY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

(personally, i fink u shud say yes!)(hehehehehehe) seryusly!!!!

Y I Fink U Shud Say Yes 2 Draco:
1) He's a rely sweet & nice guy! U shud giv him a chance!
3) U no he lyks u! it's not 1 of thoz fings where ur not sure or dey don't lyk u dat way!
4) Personally, i fink he's bettr lookn den BH!
5) U've known him longr den BH & evrybdy else.
6) He's tallr den u! (srry. jst had 2 say dat!)
Y I Fink U Shud Say No 2 Him:
1) U also lyk 3 othr guys!

dat's all i can fink of 4 now. ttyl!


ps. my BF is sooo ttly awsum!

well brandon is reason enough.... idk... either way ill regret my move.... i really really REALLY hope he duzznt ask me. im avoiding him tmrrw. srry, i just cant!!! here:

reasons why i should say no
1) BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!
2) what would my parents sey?
3) AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!
4) JAY!!!!!!!!!!
5) i always kinda thought we should stay friends, tho, it would probly be better...
6) BRANDONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7) AJJJJJJJJJJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8) i cant go out wit him. i honestly truthfully cant. no. wont happen.
9) what do i do: I like brandon ALOT, but am going out wit max. brandon: do you like me? me: i have like u since i first talked to you. brandon:... i like u too me: *smiles* brandon: wanna go out wit me? me: YESYESYES---waiit sorry i cant.... brandon: why? me: i have a boyfriend brandon: *looks really really crushed* oh... ok then....
10) what do i do here: jay: so, do you have a boyfriend yet, makayla? me: n---yes. jay: oh. *looks really disappointed*
11) and here: aj: cameron told me you liked me (he would do that lol) me: uhhh yeah i do aj:well in that case u wanna go out wit me me: YESYES---waiit i cant sorry aj: parents? me: no, actually, im goin out wit someone... aj: oh. i see.
12) i will NEVER cheat on anyone i go out with. EVEERRR.
13) but.....brittany....hes a friend....... ummm..... NO

im avoiding him.. it may hurt him, but not as much as it would hurt if i sed no. so im gunna avoid him asking me. and if i sey "no my parents wont let me" that lying!!!! at least i think so lol.... umm NO i have to avoid him!!!!


yah. bye.




ive known him for a long time. if u say no, he'll b sad wethr or not he wants 2 admit it. pleez just trust me on this1.

~rose rabasha

myspace profile for ~♥I Love Max Forever and a Day♥~

(picture of me here) "Sorry, I am taken by the best guy in da world!"

interests: MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heroes: MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

recent blog entries:

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Brittany: im bored talk to me!!!!

brittany: well u looked fine today good!!!

Brittany: hey whats up.... u okay? u seemed kinda off last night at the movies.

Brittany: hey u busy friday? call me

..view pics..

(pic of me an brittany) me an meh guy max!!!!

(pic of max) thats max isnt he sooo awesumm????

(pic of me) this ones fer you brit

LOL i just HAD to do that.... my myspace in da future... lol

its kinda a scary place


ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ur myspace=rootbeer is my forever favorite drink to taste LOLOLOL THAT WAS SOO PERVERTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



it would be fun

for max to be my











waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh my life is oveerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

~u know who likes like 20 guys!!!! LOLOLOLOL


i still like brandon

thats kinda a problem.

and i cant help it, AJ is too awesum.

but i LURVE brandon.

but... max?????


hey, lily... you keep saying you broke max's heart. ummmm


maybe i dont wanna know, but i really think i should trust my gut and say no on this one. idk. i saw brandon again today..





and, y know what?

i still love him more than twice as much as my love for AJ and max COMBINED.

elizabeth, jenna n i are seeing the prestige....

a movie...


elizabeth, she told me:::

to ask










so ill ask him to dat movie.

i hope he sez yes.

he is the best guy in the world, you know.


cya laters,ill call u



mickey, u itch-a-bay! (srry. jst had 2 use da wrd!) U CANT SAY NO! dats sooo mean! im seryus! i fink u shud say yes! & so doz sarah! (& im NOT da 1 hu blabbd 4 1ce!) & den ur gonna ask out BH! im srry but if u do dat, ull b such an iab (itchabay)! ur turnin down 1 guy & askn out a diffrnt 1!


nuthn. nuthn watsoevr. nuthn watsoevr at all. just remmbrn da past. abwt how i waz such an IAB.

MICKEY!!! UR GONNA CAUSE DA END OF DA WORLD 4 MAX ON FRDY!!! DO U UNDRSTND DAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

here's an ex. of wat ur gonna do:

say AW & i werent goin out yet but we both lykd each other & knew it
den Aw asks me out
den i say no
AW iz hurt
den i go ask out KW
den KW says no

o! & da part wher KW says no, dat's lyk wen (srry 2 sy but) BH iz probbly gonna say no!

switch characters in my ex. 2 ppol in ur situation:


do u get my point?????????

ok, well, ill stop talkn abwt dat now.

ooh. letme see if dis wrks.



im sooo happy

ur comin ovr ryt now or in a little bit but watevr! yay!!!!!!!

lemme see sumfin...

File:Tune1 copy.jpg






he was too close to asking me to the dance today.

so i signed off.

he dint call me.

i really dont want to deal with him.

im trying to avoid him except at passing time before health. its in a classroom with mrs. ficklin, so he would NEVER ask me out then. i cant. i cant. i CANT.

do you understand?

you can't just make me say yes so i can make up for what YOU did. sorry. but thats what it SOUNDS like your doing.

i CANT go out with him.

i really CANT.

i cant say no.

so i'm avoiding him and hoping he wont ask me.

please, not before the first teen center dance brandon has ever gone to. and you know what?

i think he was going cuz i was gunna be there.

i mean, why would he otherwise?

if he doesn't ask me to dance at da dance, u can go tell max i want to go to a movie with him.

i am THAT confident that brandon HAS to at least be a lil interested in me.

i mean, if he wasnt, then why would he:

1.) buy me lunch
2.) hold open doors for me
3.) dance with me
4.) hang out with me at the parade
5.) actually make an effort to make me laugh
6.) have inside jokes with me
7.) smile at me
8.) put up with me calling even at 8:30
9.) actually WANT to go to a function he usually wouldn't go to
10.) be really nice to me all of the time no matter what???


give me a reason why brandon would sey no if i asked him out.

give me ONE reason thats actually a reason.

i dont care if i have to sey no to max,

i dont care if i have to let go of AJ,

i dont care if i have to stop thinking about jay,

i just know that i want brandon BAD and eventually he WILL be MINE.

feeling really strong.

except for the fact that ma tante mal has squished me yet AGAIN. Why does she do this to me? WHY??? doesn't she know I'm never going to be a perfectly obedient, always happy, hardworking, loves-everybody child? im a lazy, moody, mostly happy, loves-some-people-who-dont-squish-me teen! i mean seriously! GET OVER IT LADY!

I was playing scrabble, and my mom was thinking, i started whistling silver bells (which was stuck in my head at the time, thanks a lot mr dyer) and my mom told me to stop in a funny, non-serious way. i whistled louder to 'torture' her, and then she said in a sort of joking way, "stop! ah! go get me a coconut cream pie!" i knew she was joking, so i didnt do it of course. but my aunt didnt know. of course not. she wouldnt know. i sat there laughing an stopped whistling. my aunt looked at me all serious and said "go get your mother some pie." i wasnt going to, but then she gave me the evil eye. i went to go get my mom a pumpkin pie (i couldnt remember what kind of pie she said, and it was the only pie out, so i figured thats what she wanted) and took it to her, my mom said thank you, but NOO, that didnt satisfy my aunt, she said "wait a second. yor mom wanted a coconut cream pie." well how the hell was i supposed to remember that??? My mom looked a little confused and then said, "okay... yah i said that..." I stood there, just thinking "she likes the pumpkin pie too, cant she just eat that??" my aint gave me the evil eye again. then she said strictly (as if she was talking to a crazy 3-year-old tone) "go get your mom a coconut cream pie." i mean wtf??? i stood there, not wanting to obey my aunt, if my mom wanted a coconut cream pie she could ask me herself and i wouldve gotten it for her. but no, my AUNT had to ask. the evil eye became so intense that i went into the kitchen to escape. i couldn't find the pie. i asked where it was, my aunt replied (with a dont-you-play-dumb-with-me tone) "its in the FRIDGE." i reluctantly got the pie out of the fridge and saw that no, it wasnt pre cut, of course i had to cut it myself. i got out a knife (which, by the way, was the ONLY clean knife in the drawer since my brother never checks the silverware to see if its clean enough) and cut it and took the plate to my mom. she sincerely said, "thanks, honey." she looked almost sorry for me. almost. i didnt want to play scrabble with that behavior-problem-therapist of an aunt at the table. so i left and stormed into the bonus room to go on the computer. thats why i was kinda agressive with my entry earlier, lol srry bout that... anyways, so then my mom came up here and said, "its your turn, makayla. are you still playing?" NO WAY! not with that evil person at the scrabble table! "no thanks. i think ill just do lego robotics homework." "are you mad?" me? mad? NOO. not at all. especially wit the way my aunt just treated me. of course im not mad. "no. i just changed my mind." "okay, hun. love you." "love you too."

i finally figured it out. i know why and how my aunt always makes me mad.

she treats me like a little kid with a behavioral problem. or one of those kids that have serious problems with discipline. listen, lady, i can be hardworking and obedient when people are treating me like a mature person! i DONT have problems! so dont treat me like i have problems!!! maybe thats why i give you sh** all the time!!! ever thought of that?

uuugggh sorry just really hating her now...

see? these visits cant last any longer than 5 days.

i really hate this.

byez. cya tomorrow.




it was!!! omgagaz!!! guess who this is? BRANDONSGRRL!!!! oh yes!!! BRANDONSGRRL!!!!!!! i was finally taught how to dance by my 6TH grade buddy, lol! but now i know... which is good.... cuz we dint know wat we were doing... the good thing is, it was soooooo awesum!!!!!!!! im sorry rootbeer couldnt come. i really am. i g2g. BYEZ!!!!!!!

holly f*ckin sh*t

dylan (tessas ex) asked me out
but then sed he was kiddin after i sed no
but sed he liked me for awhile
and then he said.....
this is the best part...<bt> okay, hes best friends wit brandon,
and brandon
LIKES ME!!!!!!!
but, like he told me at the dance,
cuz of his parents

but now i have two otha options: dylan, max.

umm wow.

~BRANDONSGRRL!!!!!!!!!! (i cant stop sayin that recently)

r u sure brandons hands seemed THAT low???

i dont remember them being THAT low!!!

he's in crutches!!! with a *gasp* pink cast lol g2g byez!!


this was the end of our conversation:

Brandon: hey i g2g
Makayla: WAAT????????
Makayla: lol
Brandon: ya so, ill cya tomorow
Makayla: k!
Makayla: luv ya!
Brandon: :)
Makayla: byez!!!!!
Brandon: bye

i cant believe i sed that!!!

i am SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

so i am... BRANDONSGRRL!!!!!!!!!!

yah, like i sed earlier, brandon has two casts and crutches!!! remember how i told u he has that heel problem? well, the doctors are doing something to his heels. so he's in crutches!!! im gunna sign (on his cast) "luv ya lots brandon!!! ~Mickey =D" he wanted me to put a smiley face. he sed i had to. lol. i cant wait till tomorrow. i see him after PE, so i get to sign!!!! yaay!!!!!

hes brandonalicious
and he's MINE!!!!!!!
ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!

hmmm i love this guy!!
i am SOOOOOO happppy u cant even imagine!!!!


still happy

he needs to go out with me
gotta make this work!!!!!!!
i love him too much to not even ask to be his gf
i cant do nothing!!!!!!!!!


im still really happy!!!!!!!!!!

"ur BRANDONALICIOUS haha luv u!!! ~mickey =D"

there! perfect!

should i do hearts under the !s? cuz his parents r gunna see the siggys on his cast...

oh crap...


lurve u or luv u or love u?

i like luv u


I CYA TOMORROW!!! that when i see brandon! tomorrow.



  • drumroll please*


Piccololo'sweethart: OMG!!! U R SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FRICKIN LUKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMGOOMGOGMOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOMGOMGOGMOGMGOMGOGMOGMOGMGOGMOGMGOMGOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur so frickn luky!!!!! omg! srry. ur so ttly brandonsgrrl now!

omg! hav u evr seen da movy titanic starrn leonardo dicaprio & kate winslet? it iz such a gud movy lyk omg! tragic luv story.

me hav 2 goz now byezzz!!!


omgomgomg i am even happier than before...........

guess wat brandon sed to me????

"LOVE YOU!!!!"

after i signed his cast, he went to go take the elevator, i told him i had to go the other ay, and i sed bye, he sed "okay see ya, bye, love you!!!"



i shall sey:

nvm idk how to ask him!!! "can i be ur girl cuz we dont really have to date just sey were goin out.... thats wat lily an austin r doin... xept there supposed to actually be goin out...."

lalalallaaa i love brandon

hed better be on tonite!!!!!!!

i should change my myspace status to TAKEN!!!!!!!

that wudd be kewl

i saw dylan today too. i sed hi and asked if he was gunna be on myspace tonite. he sed he would. myspace hahaha


i like to type that name

hes sooo brandonalicious

i wrote on his cast:

ur so brandonalicious! haha! Luv u! ~Mickey =D

i hope his parents dont see lol u think they would be suspicious?

ive been too happy since he sed that

waay too happy

im serious i ran home (UP A HILL!!! THATS NOT ME!!!!!) and giggled an smiled the whole way! i was really really hyper on da bus wit rylee

i dint even get mad at my brother for being funny in his own stupid way!!!


I LOVE BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yknow y?
cuz i had my tray table up, and my seat back in the full of right position... jk
its cuz im
~~BRANDONSGRRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [[1]]


yo i hav a knew idea 4 us chattn on LW.

ur blog & chat page r at dis link:


login ifo 4 u:

username: brandonsgrrl
pw: iluvbh


link 2 my blog & chat page:


im not givn u my pw. ur only allowd 2 edit the talk page! & im only allowd 2 edit ur talk page! k?

well me gonna go now byezzz!

o yah! 2day on da bus i wz telln AW abwt pe & i also told him abwt how darz only 8 guys in da hul skool dat i wud danc wif & he askd if he waz 1 of dem & i sed yes.

but watever.


austin wants to hold hands wit u as much as possible!!! EEK!!! im soo happy fer u... i mean, brandon and i couldnt hold hands even if we wanted to cuz hes still in crutches. btw, im grounded from any communication device unless its homework.. my moms not home, so thass y im on right now. I'm a bad girl, arent i. =D


brandon loves me an i love him


that makes me happy even tho i got so mad bout my D i snapped a hairband on my wrist. is red now.

all i want right now is brandon.. i could wait till he was 16, for all i care. all i know is that he's the best guy eva and if i could be his girl, brandon's girl, i would be the happiest girl alive. im so glad he loves me. SO GLAD.

i got a D in humanities. that pissed my parents. they grounded me. only for a week tho. which is good. cuz how the hell am i going to speak wih brandon if i hardly ever see him at school? =( waaahhh

but i got really mad that i got a D. it was mostly my fault, i know, but there were only like 4 assignments the whole frikkin trimester!! i mean wtf? it was NOT a good idea to put a hairband around my wrist this mornin. now i know how rylee feels. g2g moms home BYE


I GOT TO GIVE BRANDON A HUG TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


im soo happy


max is on

o well......

so, i gave him a hug even tho he was in crutches!!!!!!!

i am SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

like this:

brandon: okay. got to go. i cya later.
me: okay... hugs?
brandon: oh! *comes up and hugs me* me: bye!
brandon: bye!

AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im soo glad im not grounded. anymore. sorry you are. but not for long (i hope).

well i ttyl


~brandonsgrrl more than ever before

guess what?

i fell asleep on brandons shoulder at the party.

only for a few seconds, tho.


i fell asleep on his shoulder!!

im just pissed cuz he dint hug me back.

he's so comfortable to hug.


its not as fun when he doesn't hug me back.

it makes me feel neglected!!! ="(

but i love brandon

i finally understand in seventeen how they were talkin bout this...

me: i love you, brandon (as i was falling asleep on his shoulder)
brandon: mmm-hmmm...
me: okay, bye... love you... (still tired)
brandon: me too


me too????

i say, "love you" and he replies, "ME TOO"??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, at least he dint sey "um, okay."

but he DID say mmm-hmmm


i still LOVE to hug him!!!!!!!!!

especially when i can lean on his shoulder

i LOVE him

vewwy much

but am still pissed that he sed "me too."

and "mmm-hmm."


does he, like, not REALLY love me or something?

cuz thats what i think!!!!!!!

i can't really confront him, tho.

"hey, brandon, do you love me or not, because i feel neglected."





~brandonsgrrl (i HOPE)

HBG Fast Linkz!!!


Brandon= Casper, sexydrummer, bryan


Austin=Texas ranger/A&W


Makayla=Mylee Castellaei/kittypoo/hypabass/hypabaritone/brandonsgrrl/casperslady

Lindsay=lelobass/LEL & LOL/lily lelobass/piccololossweetheart/lobango/crazeeflootgrrl



AJ=whats his face/wihf


A Doorway To Snow

A Doorway to Snow

Prologue Once upon a time, there was a mystical land called Winter Wonderland. It was a great place; always snowing and forming soft, powdery hills; every person was kind and sweet; and families always spent time together. You may think this place is wonderful until you learn that it is always Christmas which sounds awesome, but is not. Imagine always having to drag yourself through the icy snow as the wind blows in your face, just trying to get from one place to another. It would be horrible not seeing the earth come back to life in the spring. You would never be able to explore forests on hot and sunny days with the shining sun peeking through the high treetops. You would miss watching the leaves on trees become colorful and flutter down to the cold ground. Most of all, you wouldn't be able to experience the other parts of the year. All those are consequences of infinite Christmas. There is only one way to enter and one way to leave. It is a doorway in a forest somewhere in the world. Not one single person has ever discovered this mystical land or left it. . . . Chapter 1: Snow "Jenny! Jenny! Jenny! Wake up!" my little sister, Lily, said shaking me with lots of effort, trying to wake me from my beauty sleep. "Five more minutes," I said, still half asleep. "But Jenny. Look out your window," Lily whimpered. "Fine! Just promise me you won't wake me up again anytime soon," I said. "I promise," Lily said in her I'm-a-perfect-little-angel tone and ran off. That's my little sister, Lily, an annoying little twerp. She acts like a demon, then turns into a perfect little angel, and of course, I get blamed. I may be used to it, but it still gets on my nerves. There is one thing I've realized. Younger siblings use their "powers of annoyance" to destroy the older siblings. I don't think it gets any simpler than that. I finally crawled out of bed, and slowly made my bed. Then I remembered that Lily really wanted me to look out my window. So I walked over to my window, pulled the shade open, and looked down to the street of Cobblestone Drive. Snow was everywhere! It was piled on rooftops and the ground was smooth and pure white. Kids were building forts, throwing snowballs, forming mounds to sled down, and sculpting snow-people. They were all having so much fun! I scrambled down stairs and gobbled up breakfast. My sister and I got dressed and put on snow gear. As soon as our dad was ready, Lily and I flew through the door out into the cold, chilly world. . . . Chapter 2: The Doorway "Um, Dad, is it okay if I go for a quick walk around the area?" I asked. "Uh, okay. Just don't go any further than Carlson and the end of Cobblestone and Stellar, okay?" he answered. "Thanks, Dad," I replied and took off running towards the bike path. It goes behind the houses of Cobblestone Drive and Carlson and sort of has a really tiny forest around it. When I got to the entrance of the pathway, there were kids trying to sled down a small hill, so I walked on the side so I wouldn't be in their way. I walked down the cold and silent route, creating the first footprints in the smooth snow. Eventually, I came across a "kid made" trail to a "secret" part of the forest. (Okay it's not exactly "secret", but it's a cool area kids have discovered.) I decided to take that trail and explore for a while. When I was just about to the "secret" area, I noticed a gigantic tree and realized, from it's size, it was probably really old. Being a klutz, I tripped on some branches or tree roots and went tumbling towards the enormous tree. When I had finished complaining to myself about getting some big bruises, I noticed something really strange about the tree I landed at. At the trunk of the tree, there was some bark peeling off, and light was coming out from underneath it. 'That is not possible, so how can it be happening?' I thought to myself. I decided to find out! I started pulling at the bark to try and see how there was light there. That didn't work. I then found a strong stick adjacent to my feet, picked it up, and started trying to pry the bark off. Eventually, I heard a series of cracking noises and a huge piece of bark flew off. I dropped the stick I had been using and gasped. There in front of me was an entrance to a whole different world. . . . Chapter 3: The Snowy World "Omigod! This is impossible, utterly impossible," I said to myself in shock. "How in the world is this happening?!" Surprised and confused, I ran back to the house using lots of energy. Breathing heavily, I was able to say,"Lily! Come with me! I really need to show you something!" "No! I'm making a snow girl right now and she's going to be the prettiest one ever. So there!" Lily said to me in a leave-me-alone-I'm-busy tone. "Lily, you are never going to forgive me if I don't show you," I said trying to convince her to come with me. "Can I at least finish making my snow girl first?" Lily begged. "NO!" I yelled. "Fine," Lily whimpered as she followed me, stomping every step of the way back to the "secret" area. When we got to the path that led to the gigantic tree, I offered to give Lily a piggyback ride if she closed her eyes the rest of the way. "Okay!" Lily said and she jumped onto my back. I practically toppled over, but regained my balance. Making sure her eyes were closed, I carried Lily to the entrance of the snowy world and told her to open her eyes. "OH MY GOSH! HOW COME THERE'S A..." I clapped a hand over Lily's mouth to prevent her from screaming out about the different world. I whispered into Lily's ear,"You can't say a single word about this to anyone, you got it?" "Uh-huh," Lily said as she nodded in agreement. "Okay. Hold my hand," I said as I grabbed her hand and we walked into the snowy world. . . . Chapter 4: Infinite Christmas "Hey! Who are you?" someone suddenly shouted as they came walking towards Lily and me. "Wait! Are you from the outside world, where holidays only come once a year?" "Uhhh, yeah, I guess," I answered in confusion. "You are?! Then how did you get here? Nobody has ever discovered an entrance," a teenage girl replied. "I'm sorry, but I don't understand much of what your talking about. I do understand that this is a different world that has a secret entrance. Anything more than that, I don't have a clue about," I explained. "Oh, sorry. I guess I should start from the beginning. But first, let's get out of this freezing weather and head over to my family's place," the girl said. "And by the way, my name is Angela." "Oh yeah! Um, my name's Jenny and this is my sister..." I said. "Lily! My name's Lily!" Lily said happily. "Well, let's get goin'," Angela said and my sister and I followed her to her house. On the way, I observed the snowy world. The houses were a dull color. Snow was everywhere. There were some Christmas decorations, mostly simple lights, wreaths, and garlands. It seemed to be a tiny town, smaller than Sherwood, maybe even a little smaller than my neighborhood, Woodhaven. Suddenly, we stopped outside a house decorated with garlands and wreaths. We then walked inside. "Mom! Dad! I met two girls! They're from the outside world!" Angela screamed. "Huh?! Really?!" the mother said and two adults came walking over. "Hi. I'm Jenny," I said. "And I'm Lily," Lily said. "I'm Josie and this is Stew. It's nice to meet you two," the mother said. "Come on. We'll sit down and I'll explain everything,"Angela said and we walked into a living room and she sat down on a couch. Lily and I sat down on an adjacent couch. "You are in Winter Wonderland. It's always snowing, always winter, and always Christmas. It's been like this for hundreds of years. Nobody knows how this place was created or how we came to be. Everybody has been wanting to leave for the longest time, but nobody has ever discovered the way out," Angela explained. "But isn't that awesome, getting tons and tons of presents everyday?" Lily asked. "For the first week or so, but after a while, it isn't as wonderful," Angela answered. "So, where did ya find the secret entrance because I bet everyone is going to want to know about it? Let's go tell everyone, okay?" "Okay," I answered. So we went from door to door telling everyone and they helped us tell more people. The news spread within an hour! Once everyone had gathered, we all marched to the secret entrance. . . . Chapter 5: The Storm When everybody got to the entrance, I heard hundreds of gasps. On the other side, I saw that in Sherwood that it was getting really windy. "Everybody! Get into a single file line and start walking through the entrance! When you get to the other side, don't stop! Keep on walking until you get to a pathway and take it out to the street! You got it?!" I yelled. I heard many yea's and saw many nods in agreement. Then people started walking through. After about an hour, just about everybody got through except for Angela, Lily, and me. I noticed that the wind was getting really, really strong and it was snowing. The wind was so strong that trees were waving from side to side violently. Suddenly, one of the trees toppled over, coming within inches of hitting the people. Angela, Lily, and I quickly ran through the entrance. As soon as we ran out, we heard a series of cracking noises and turned around. The gigantic tree was shaking violently and suddenly - SNAP! The tree snapped at the trunk and fell to the ground. The secret entrance to Winter Wonderland disappeared and was gone forever. "Good bye everything I ever had. Hello everything I ever wanted" Angela said to herself. "Well, you should probably go find your parents. Lily and I need to hurry home. Our parents are probably worried sick," I said to Angela. "I'll see ya around some time soon. Bye." As Lily and I walked home, all the other people walked off in their own directions to start new lives. When we got home, Mom and Dad came running up to us and started hugging us. "Lily! Jenny! Where have you two been?! You should have been home hours ago!" my mom said frantically. "We've been in Winter Wonderland," Lily said. "And were there gumdrops everywhere?" Dad asked sarcastically. "Actually Dad, we really were in Winter Wonderland. I'll tell you all about it," I said. We then went into the living room, sat down, and Lily and I told our story of the snowy world. That night, I thought to myself, 'This was the best winter ever!' As I drifted to sleep, snowflakes were falling down to the ground, outside. ~The End~

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