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This sandbox is where I am going to create the Soundtrack Documentation. Initially I am going to use this area as a whiteboard to brainstorm and organize my thoughts.



  • In the template, there is a variable called SType (Soundtrack Type) which should be one of (Movie, Musical, TV Series, Video Game) or any other that makes sense.
  • The template automatically assigns Genre=Soundtrack
  • The template handles Artist vs Various Artists

In reviewing what others have done, I think that the standard for Soundtrack Album pages should be:

Album Page Name Standard

  • If the album is completely by one artist, the page name shall be like normal
  • If the album is Various Artists, the page name shall contain only the Title. The year will help identify it as an Album.
  • If the title has more than one album or type (i.e. Movie and Musical or sequels), an "Artist" page should be created for the main title and have the types as Albums on that page
  • (e.g. Annie (The Musical)) {Note that in this case Annie is an individual Artist, so I added (The Musical) to differentiate}

Song Page Name Standard

  • If the song is sung by a real specific Artist, it should follow the norm
  • If the there is no Artist, or more likely it is a Cast or Ensemble, then the Album title can be used
  • In the case of Disney films, either the above or use
  • Disney:Song
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