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If you are wondering what “gniw” means, the “most significant” bit of my name (i.e., the part that you use to form diminutives) when written in Persian or Hebrew letters looks something like this: וינג / وینگ

Artists I like

Yes, this is not complete, but very close. Mine is a very short list =)

About my romanizations and translations

  • When I romanize Mandarin, I do it in pinyin with full tone marks, using as a reference. I just can’t stand pinyin without tone marks. Unfortunately this also means the romanization may not display correctly in some browser/locale combinations.
  • When I romanize Cantonese, I use jyutping, which is not in common use but nevertheless has some official status. Real dictionaries generally use phonemic (not phonetic—and definitely not Wikipedia-style phonetic) transcriptions in IPA, but IPA is not romanization, is extremely difficult to type (except on Linux), and might not display correctly. So I’m basically stuck.
  • I try to write translations that are at least semi-singable, meaning if you try to sing the English translation to the music it shouldn’t be totally impossible. It might sound awkward, but it should be doable. Obviously I haven’t been successful in doing this every time, but that’s a goal. I find that when you have this constraint in place the resulting translation is also often better.

Personal to-do

  • Lyrics of F.I.R.’s songs on this wiki are horrible. Most are in the wrong script and often romanization is intermixed with the actual lyrics. These need to be fixed. But it will take some time (because I’ll have to get actual CD’s vs iTunes downloads Forget about iTunes… they want me to upgrade to download songs and I’m not going to upgrade).
  • The artist page and lyrics pages of Hitomi Shimatani are likewise horrible. Need to find some time to fix these…
  • Fix my horrible translation of Level 7:UpHigh
  • Improve those parts of the translation of 飛兒樂團 (F.I.R.):Fly Away that I didn’t originally do in my Xanga… those parts that I did in Xanga obviously sounds much better =P
  • Find pages to merge in [1]
  • This is like a time filler, but it’s better than wasting time: When there’s nothing to do go to SNLI and pick up some obviously Chinese / English / Finnish / French / German / Hebrew / Japanese songs and add the language tag.

Random rants

  • I hope no one will touch 飛兒樂團 (F.I.R.):我們的愛 again. I can’t find the CD, only a VCD, and checking the song with the music video is just too painful—the song is too sad…

Head scratchers

  • National Anthem:Israel and Naftali Hertz-Imber:Ha Tikva need to be merged. But how? Neither is in the native script, and neither is a normal romanization (the first one follows French rules, the second one has colloquial “lazy sounds”). And who is the artist? The first lists the lyricist and the second lists “National Anthem”?
  • National Anthem:France (which contains the lyrics) and National Anthem:France/en (which contains the English translation) should be merged. But from which to which?
  • Why does the Japanese romanization policy specifies how each letter should be romanized, even though lyrics are supposed to match the sung lyrics? Sometimes the artist sings differently (e.g., the “theoretically” impossible sounds of hu, si, and ti, or substituting v for w—you find a lot of these even just listening to the two Hitomi’s songs).
  • Why does the Japanese romanization policy give hashitte’ru as an example for the use of apostrophes to mark elided letters. This example is completely incomprehensible for anyone who doesn’t know the grammar, and I would say totally useless for lyrics. I would have thought of examples like sh’ter’ (for shiteru, in hitomi’s there is…), which would be useful for lyrics because otherwise you won’t be able to follow the recording…
  • Now that I’ve fixed Fly Away, I wonder whether I should have fixed the script in the first place. Or should there be two pages for every Chinese artist/album/song? =S

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