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How did this happen?
Elyon:Phobos,please let me go!
Phobos:(grins)Dear sister,after all this preparation,why do you think you were brought here?

(Elyon struggles)

Ricky Rick:Phobos,You sick bastard!
Phobos:You have something i need!
Ferbtone:What the hell you gonna do now!

It was too late.

(Elyon breathes her last)

Ferbtone:Well you jackin' your pistol when you outta window!Your gas,i guess!
Ferbtone:Someone do this baby?

Rioter 1:Repent!The end is near,repent!
Rioter 2:Brothers and sisters!
Rioter 3:Have you forgotten that once we were brought here,we were robbed of our need.We lost our language,we lost our religion,culture and Don.We on the way we're at!People lost our minds.

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