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Field Recordings - Vol. 2: North & South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee & Arkansas (1926-1943) (1997)

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North Carolina 1934-1935
  1. Prison Blues (Cold Iron Bed) by Robert Higgins
  2. Let's Go to Bury by Rev. A.G. Holly
South Carolina 1934-1935
  1. Do You Call That Religion? by Banks, Bentley, Blake & Vosburg
  2. Travelin' to That New Buryin' Ground by Banks, Bentley, Blake & Vosburg
  3. Look Down That Lonesome Road by Unknown Artist
  4. Street Cries of Charleston - Blackberries by Unknown Artist
  5. Street Cries of Charleston - Flowers by Unknown Artist
Georgia 1926-1943
  1. Deep Down in My Heart by Rev. W.H.M. Givens
  2. Jesus Is My Only Friend by Bessie Shaw
  3. Finger Ring by Mary C. Mann
  4. Old Man Satan / Drive Old Satan Away by Mary C. Mann
  5. Glory to God, My Son Come Home by J.D. Purdy
  6. Blow, Boys, Blow by J.A.S. Spencer
  7. Alabama Prison Blues by Jesse Wadley
  8. Nobody's Fault but Mine by Milledgeville Georgia Singers
  9. John Henry by Reese Crenshaw
  10. John Henry by John Davis
  11. Fandango by Bill Tatnall
  12. Salt Water Blues by Buster 'Buzz' Ezell
  13. Boll Weevil by Buster 'Buzz' Ezell
  14. Roosevelt & Hitler, Part 1 by Buster 'Buzz' Ezell
  15. Roosevelt & Hitler, Part 2 by Buster 'Buzz' Ezell
  16. Bottle It Up and Go by Allison Mathis & Jessie Stroller
  17. Blues - When Saints Come to Town by Jessie Stroller
  18. My Big, Fat-Hipted Mama by Charles Ellis
  19. Smithy Rag by The Smith Band
Tennessee 1933
  1. Jumpin' Judy by Allen Prothro
  2. Track-Lining Song by John 'Black Sampson' Gibson
  3. Steel Laying Holler by Rochelle Harris
Arkansas 1934-1939
  1. Jumpin' Judy by Kelly Pace
  2. Rock Island Line by Kelly Pace
  3. It Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad by Kelly Pace
  4. Holy Babe - Parts 1 & 2 by Kelly Pace
  5. Joe De Grinder by Irvin "Gar Mouth" Lowry
  6. John Henry by Arthur Bell
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