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aka derekbd

  • I live in Pontiac, IL
  • I was born on July 25
  • I am m
  • Bio I'm an avid telly viewer, following chiefly contemporary drama from the UK and US, plus a few other countries. I also enjoy a selection of comedy, sci-fi, biography, period/literary and documentary.
    My main musical passion: Pet Shop Boys.
    Films of interest are usually independent, often eclectic; favourite directors include Terry Gilliam, Robert Altman, Ken Loach, Mike Leigh, Danny Boyle.
    Tom Hardy and Colin Farrell always get my attention.
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This is my note page. Go to my talk page to leave me a message or rant, babble etc <work on

ABC:All Of My Heart

ABC:Be Near Me


ABC:Lose Yourself (not done)

ABC:Tower Of London

ABC:Way Back When

George Baker Selection:Little Green Bag

Big Audio Dynamite:Around The Girl In 80 Ways

Big Audio Dynamite::Contact

Big Audio Dynamite:E=MC2

Big Audio Dynamite:The Green Lady

Big Audio Dynamite:London Bridge

Big Audio Dynamite:Stalag 123

Depeche Mode:I Feel Loved

Depeche Mode:Precious

Dirty Pretty Things:Bang Bang You're Dead

Thomas Dolby:I Love You Goodbye

Electric Light Orchestra:Mr. Blue Sky

Electronic:Idiot Country Two

Etta James:At Last

Everything But The Girl:Missing

Gabriel Fauré:Pavane

Green Day:Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Green Day:Holiday

Keane:Is It Any Wonder?

Keane:Somewhere Only We Know

Annie Lennox:Ghosts In My Machine

Annie Lennox:Smithereens

Annie Lennox:Honestly

Annie Lennox:Live With Me And Be My Love

New Order:Turn My Way

Paul Simon:Under African Skies

Simply Red:Back Into The Universe

Simply Red:Enough

Simply Red:Say You Love Me

Simply Red:Sunrise

Spiller:Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)

Stakka Bo:Here We Go Again

Talking Heads:(Nothing But) Flowers

KT Tunstall:Black Horse And The Cherry Tree

KT Tunstall:Hold On

KT Tunstall:Suddenly I See

Robbie Williams:Berliner Star

Robbie Williams:Feel

Robbie Williams:Get A Little High

Robbie Williams:Hot Fudge

Robbie Williams:Lovelight

Robbie Williams:A Man For All Seasons

Robbie Williams:Not Of This Earth

Robbie Williams:The Road To Mandalay

Robbie Williams:She's Madonna

Robbie Williams:Singing For The Lonely

Robbie Williams:Something Beautiful

Robbie Williams:There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner
decent resource though the punctuation and capitalization sucks

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