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 A boy, a very silent boy pays greatlyattention in his classes. He holds, in pride, nice report cards so his parents can see and they have not a problem about it. The boy is not really a boy, mainly because he’s coming more like a man everyday. He is a senior in his high school and he really paid attention to any girls, except for one. He would date though, oddly, and none of them worked out. He would touch lips with another and afterward, would say nothing, like nothing happened to him. He was like this because down in his heart, he knows he’s not love-struck. So why then is he dating girls he’s not truly in love with? He keeps his reasons secretive and remains single for the rest of his senior year. Wait  That’s not how a story would end   

Second semester a new girl got transferred to his classroom and she was introduced by the teacher. He listened to her calm, soft, innocent voice. As she took her seat, he finally looked back at her . . . and indeed something sparked right then. Both kept their eyes locked on each other and in ten seconds, it began to be more like staring. Then they both realized that, stopped, and turned back. What happened to them? They dated, they kissed, and you know what he said to her? “I love you.” And he truly did mean it, for she was the girl he was waiting for all of his life.

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