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Root: Praise The Source Of Faith And Learning

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Praise the source of faith and learning that has sparked and stoked the mind
With a passion for discerning how the world has been designed.
Let the sense of wonder flowing from the wonders we survey
Keep our faith forever growing and renew our need to pray:

God of wisdom, we acknowledge that our science and our art
And the breadth of human knowledge only partial truth impart.
Far beyond our calculation lies a depth we cannot sound
Where Your purpose for creation and the pulse of life are found.

May our faith redeem the blunder of believing that our thought
Has displaced the grounds for wonder which the ancient prophets taught.
May our learning curb the error which unthinking faith can breed
Lest we justify some terror with an antiquated creed.

As two currents in a river fight each other's undertow
Till converging they deliver one coherent steady flow,
Blend, O God, our faith and learning till they carve a single course,
Till they join as one, returning praise and thanks to You, their Source.



Music by:

Rowland N. Prichard, 1830

Lyrics by:

Thomas H. Troeger, 1987

Harmony from:

The English Hymnal, 1906

Hymn tunes used:


Additional Information:

The tune is in the public domain

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