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Hello there I am AmpthiptereSiX and I enjoy music (like everyone else in this world). I decided to join this wiki because I often feel frustrated when I can't find lyrics to some of my favourite artists, so I started noting down these lyrics myself. Since I'm writing these anyway, I thought, why not share them with the rest of the world? So there you go, reason I'm here =)

My page

The following pages are some I have contributed to, also some of my favourite bands (not in order and only including those that I have edited).

  1. Jurojin (I created their page, they deserved one!)
  2. Voicst (This page was pretty much abandoned, but I patched it up)
  3. Jurk! (Also created this one, with an exclamation mark)
  4. Racoon
  5. Keane
  6. Chroma Key
  7. OSI
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