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This is a list of my songs of the day plus one album of the week.

September 17, 2008: The Hooters:Give The Music Back

This is a finely crafted, hand-made song of natural beauty. One of the kind you hear rarely these days. The melody and rhythm are awesome. I especially love the instrumental part in the middle - going from accoustic guitar to piano to saxophone. The lyrics are a yearning for music with a heart and soul.

October 02, 2008: The Beautiful South:A Little Time

This jazzy pop tune shows The Beautiful South at their best. Sung by Dave Hemingway and Briana Corrigan, it does not actually have a chorus but is set up as a dialogue between a man and a woman whose relationship is about to break apart. The witty video - which got a Brit award in 1991 - shows the couple in a devastated house after a fight. video

October 05, 2008: The Hooters:Johnny B

This is the song that introduced me to The Hooters and made me a fan. More than twenty years ago this song made its way straight to my heart and opened it for the music of The Hooters. It is a perfect blend of folk and rock. It has a special feeling to it that is difficult to describe - mysterious, warm, melancholic, wistful come to mind. The lyrics are about not giving in to addictions. video

November 10, 2008: Cyndi Lauper:Time After Time

This is a true classic covered by the likes of Miles Davis and Eva Cassidy. It was written by Cyndi Lauper and Rob Hyman of The Hooters while working on her debut album She's So Unusual. Actually, the album was almost finished when its producer suggested it needed one more song. So Cyndi and Rob - who also played the keyboard and sang backing vocals on the final track - sat down at the piano and wrote this song. The result is a beautiful ballad with a haunting soft reggae rhythm. video

March 03, 2009: Toto:Mushanga

From their album The Seventh One, this song has always had me listen in awe as it is so poetic and tells a touching story. As awesome are the vocals on this wonderful track - provided by then lead singer Joseph Williams (son of famous film composer John Williams). This is one of the best voices rock music has ever had. audio

April 13, 2009 to April 19, 2009: Toto:Fahrenheit (1986)

Sporting the band's best line-up, this is the first of two Toto albums with Joseph Williams (son of film composer John Williams) on lead vocals and it is a very jazzy album. The best known track is certainly "I'll Be Over You", a ballad of timeless beauty sung by Steve Lukather. Pure class. This goes for the whole album, actually. You won't find one weak song here. Two very special tracks are "Somewhere Tonight" and "Lea" - which most impressively show the excellent vocal skills of Joe Williams - each in its own way. Especially the tenderly sung "Lea" sounds like it's not from this world. Finally, the last track "Don't Stop Me Now" - an instrumental - has Miles Davis on trumpet - another gem. Over a few weeks - getting to know song after song - Fahrenheit has, for me, turned from a little known album to a much loved one.

August 01, 2009: Toto:Bottom Of Your Soul

This song is from Toto's last album Falling In Between. It is a beautiful emotional song dealing with poverty. Whereas the verses are sung by guitarist Steve Lukather, the chorus and the final part feature former lead singer Joseph Williams, whose outstanding performance and voice provide the special something to an already great song.

February 15, 2011: Pretty Things by Rufus Wainwright

This song from Wainwright's album Want One is like a poem set to music. It is rather short and doesn't follow the usual verse/chorus structure - which goes for many of his songs. Its lyrics are very poetic and utterly beautiful. "Be a star, And fall down somewhere next to me". And the melody is very poetic, too.

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February 23, 2011: Dinner At Eight by Rufus Wainwright

This is another song from Want One. It is a very personal and heartfelt song he wrote after a quarrel with his father. It's about being left by him and about wanting to see tears in his eyes. "But till then no, Daddy, don't be surprised, If I want to see the tears in your eyes".

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December 23, 2011: Memphis Skyline by Rufus Wainwright

This heartbreaking song is a tribute to the late Jeff Buckley, who drowned in Wolf River, a tributary of the Mississippi river, in 1997. The two had met several months before Buckley's death. At the end of the song Wainwright pleads: "Turn back and you will stay, Under the Memphis Skyline".

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August 12, 2018: Listening by Morten Harket

This song is a collaboration of the singer of a-ha, Morten Harket, and the Pet Shop Boys. It was written by the Pet Shop Boys and released by them as a mere b-side. But they recorded it with Harket for his 2012 solo album Out of My Hands. A typical PSB song with the voice of a-ha.

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August 15, 2018: Cosy Prisons by A-ha

This song from the 2005 album Analogue is more rock oriented than most of a-ha's songs. It has a delicate melody and the lyrics are very touching, dealing with anxiety.

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September 17, 2018: Hunting High And Low by A-ha

This is one of the most beautiful pop ballads ever. The melody - carried by Morten Harket's gorgeous voice - meanders delightfully across verses and chorus and at the end the song gets rather dramatic, supported by great string arrangements.
The video is another masterpiece by Steve Barron. It has singer Morten morph into different animals. Very suitable for the lyrics that are about searching for your loved one everywhere - high and low.

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