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Hello everybody, this is 0612. Please feel free to drop by my blog!

About Me

I am a fan of Japanese music, particularly the J-Pop genre. My favorite artises are Koda Kumi, and m-flo.

My Contributions

The pages that I have contributed significantly to are:

Koda Kumi

When I first came, the Koda Kumi page was really short. All her albums and singles were in the wrong order and most songs didn't have lyrics.
What I have done:
  1. Reordered all the entries to follow the correct release order
  2. Added in all the singles and albums
  3. Sorted out all the songs under Other Songs
  4. Practically emptied out the Other Songs page (which was so empty that it got deleted :P)
  5. Created all the lyric pages and album/single pages
  6. Translated Song Titles
  7. Created a Singles section because the page was too long


I created this page from scratch and threw in everything... This includes:
  1. Album Covers
  2. Entire Discography
  3. Lyrics For two songs :P

Erika Sawajiri

I always thought the page shouldn't be under an alias, but I never had any good reason to move the page. Recently I heard news that she's releasing a second single, and that move is inevitable, so I decided to move the pages. Well, I had a panicky 15 minutes (it felt like an hour :P) fixing all the double redirects and all the names, but I'm glad to say I've generally suceeded. :D Any problems on the page, please feel free to inform me.
  1. Moved all the pages to reflect the correct name
  2. Fixed up all the redirects I could find
  3. Added in info for her next single


Well, seeing a page with only one section "Other Songs" really irks me :P
  1. Added in all their albums
  2. Clear out "Other Songs"


  1. Created Page
  2. Set up the general structure
  3. Uploaded album covers

Some Thanks

I've had lots of help from Teknomunk, who helped me when I made mistakes (like the terrible poo I made up on the Ashita E page) and also cleaning up all the mess I made on lyric pages... So I'd just like to publish my many thanks. Cheers, Teknomunk!

Song of the Day

LyricWiki's Song of the Day programme works like this: Users vote for their favorite songs (with a description) to make it the song of a certain day. So, I've voted in these songs:

Date Song Artist Description
April 12, 2007 Candle Light Koda Kumi "Candle Light" is a very touching song. Kumi's powerful voice coupled with pure piano tunes clearly evokes an emotion of sadness. It's a perfect combination, and has on many occasions jolted listeners to tears.
April 23, 2007 夢のうた (yume no uta) Koda Kumi Yume no Uta has a very strong and deep meaning, while its PV is very well done and very emotional. Combined with Kumi's powerful vocals, this song evokes strong emotions of sadness.
May 14, 2007 You Koda Kumi You is a song about broken love. It has a very good melody, and very touching lyrics. Koda Kumi's voice just makes listeners want to cry.
May 18, 2007 Rainy Day KM-Markit Rainy Day is a really cool Japanese Rap delivered by KM-Markit and Koda Kumi. It has a really groovy tune and KM-Markit delivers the song with real ease. Very cool.
June 11, 2007 恋のつぼみ (koi no tsubomi) Koda Kumi The lively tune and cute voice of Koda Kumi will brighten up the day of any listener. The MV is also one of her cutest!
June 13, 2007 タイヨウのうた (taiyou no uta) Erika Sawajiri (Kaoru Amane) Kaoru (aka Erika Sawajiri) has perfectly fine-tuned elements of happiness and sadness in this song. Plus, she's got great skills with her guitar.
September 27, 2007 STAY Heartsdales It's really difficult to have a song that's both cute and cool at the same time, and equally difficult for a rap to carry any emotion other than coolness. Heartsdales has done very well in making STAY cute and touching. Besides, it's their last song.
September 28, 2007 SWITCH Koda Kumi, Heartsdales and LiSA It's not very often that two singers and one group collaborate on one single song. It is equally unlikely that in a collaboration, every person's voice is heard almost all the time. This song is highly unique, very cool, and has a really catchy tune.
October 4, 2007 バカヤROW (BAKAYA-Row) KM-Markit and VERBAL (m-flo) KM-Markit raps really well, and it's simply amazing to see how he can tackle the his raps with such ease. BAKAYA-Row has a simply catchy tune, and the collaboration between two of Japan's best rappers (KM with VERBAL, who is part of m-flo) really makes it the best rap I've ever heard.
October 9, 2007 The Love Bug m-flo and BoA Nice, catchy tune, and VERBAL can really rap. This song just feels very fun to listen to.
October 12, 2007 Shining Heartsdales Interesting lyrics, and a really groovy beat. There is an interesting contrast between the two sisters' voices that makes me replay this song for the whole day and not get tired of it.


I generally refer to other free resource websites, either Wiki.Theppn or Wikipedia.

In Closing

If you wish to contact me, please use my talk page.

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