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Me and my owner, plotting to take over LW

Daily & frequent tasks
  • create & delete Songs/Albums by Artist categories
  • add orphaned songs to OS (only for existing artist pages)
  • clean up various categories (CC, IPr, Aawa, IAP, OTS, CMT…)
  • clean up various unwanted Wanted Categories
  • fix double redirects
Weekly tasks
  • check for inactive watchers
  • find & try to fix wrong fLetters
  • remove links to deleted albums from SongHeader
  • find pages with invalid characters & move them
Monthly & infrequent tasks
  • update artists' OS (all songs not listed on artist page or any of artist's albums will be added to OS)
  • remove extra content from redirects (usually categories)
  • add albums from WLH to albumless SongHeaders
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