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Sugar Sugar (She She Wah Wah)

This song is by Us3 and appears on the album An Ordinary Day In An Unusual Place (2001).

Dancing in the dark is such a rush to me
Because the way you move my body is a very personal thing
I'm ecstatic and I have to dance, gotta get onto the floor
There's nothing left to do but feel the music play

You make me sparkle and shine, want you all the time
So I can lean into your groove
You got me feelin' this way, want you everyday
'Cause you know you make my body move like

Sugar sugar she she wah wah
Sugar sugar she she wah wah

I just can't sit down when I'm in the mood
I need to feel the high that I get from you
Without you I don't feel whole
And I need for you to take control
So I can get on the floor and move to the music
(Bridge) & (chorus)

If you try you can fly through the sky
With your feet on the ground
No one way to go when you wanna flow
Why do you have to leave and bring me low?
But it's true I love you
Gotta clue about the things you do
I'm in a crazy mixed up world, need to do what I gotta do

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