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Live album by Uriah Heep.
  1. Devil's Daughter
  2. Stealin'
  3. Bad Bad Man
  4. Rainbow Demon
  5. Words In The Distance
  6. The Wizard
  7. Circle Of Hands
  8. Gypsy
  9. Look At Yourself
  10. Lady In Black
  11. Easy Livin'
  12. Sail The Rivers (Studio Track)

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Studio albums: Very 'Eavy... Very 'Umble (1970)Salisbury (1971)Look At Yourself (1971)Demons And Wizards (1972)The Magician's Birthday (1972)Sweet Freedom (1973)Wonderworld (1974)Return To Fantasy (1975)High And Mighty (1976)Firefly (1977)Innocent Victim (1977)Fallen Angel (1978)Conquest (1980)Abominog (1982)Head First (1983)Equator (1985)Raging Silence (1989)Different World (1991)Sea Of Light (1995)Sonic Origami (1998)Wake The Sleeper (2008)Celebration (2009)Into The Wild (2011)Outsider (2014)

Live albums: Spellbinder Live (1996)

Compilations: Rarities From The Bronze Age (1991)From Spice To Uriah Heep - Transition The Lansdowne Tapes (1993)A Time Of Revelation - 25 Years On... (1996)Come Away Melinda - The Ballads (2001)

The Lansdowne Tapes (2002)
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