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Compilation album by Uriah Heep.
  1. Born In A Trunk (Spice, Vocal Version 1)
  2. Simon The Bullet Freak (Alternative Single Version)
  3. Here Am I (Alternative Version 2)
  4. Magic Lantern (Spice, Parts 1, 2 And 3)
  5. Why (11:18 Min. Version)
  6. Astranaza (Spice)
  7. What's Within My Heart (Alternative Version 2)
  8. What Should Be Done (Alternative Version 2)
  9. Lucy Blues (Alternative Version 2)
  10. I Want You Babe (Spice, Version 14)
  11. Celebrate (Spice)
  12. Schoolgirl (Spice)
  13. Born In A Trunk (Instrumental Version) (Spice)
  14. Look At Yourself (Alternative Single Version)
  15. Dreammare (Intro)

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The Lansdowne Tapes (2002)
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