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Compilation by various artists.
  1. Run Run Run by Motorcycle Boy
  2. Here She Comes Now by Nirvana
  3. Pale Blue Eyes by The Mock Turtles
  4. Sister Ray by Badgeman
  5. Lady Godiva's Operation by Chapterhouse
  6. She's My Best Friend by The Wedding Present
  7. I'm Set Free by Terry Bickers
  8. Who Loves the Sun by Shelleyan Orphan
  9. All Tomorrow's Parties by Buffalo Tom
  10. Foggy Notion by Echo & The Bunnymen
  11. Sweet Jane by Hurrah!
  12. Some Kinda Love by Levellers 5
  13. Sunday Morning by James
  14. Femme Fatale by Beef
  15. White Light White Heat by Revenge
  16. Stephanie Says by Lee Ranaldo
  17. Candy Says by The Telescopes
  18. I'm Sticking with You by Jellyfish Kiss
  19. Beginning to See the Light by Into Paradise
  20. Lonesome Cowboy Bill by Roy Rodgers Rocketeers
  21. European Son by Ride
  22. I'm Set Free by New Fast Automatic Daffodils
  23. Head Held High by Originals Sins
  24. What Goes On by Screaming Trees
  25. I Heard Her Call My Name by Half Japanese
  26. Jesus by Swervedriver
  27. Ocean by Eleventh Dream Day
  28. Who Loves the Sun by Dylans
  29. Lady Godiva's Operation by The Fatima Mansions
  30. All Tomorrow's Parties by Reegs
  31. Murder Mystery by Prank
  32. Femme Fatale by Nico
  33. All Tomorrow's Parties by Nico
  34. Lou Reed Talks by Lou Reed

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