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We Are The Ones

This song is by Unknown Artist.

Music & Lyrics: Clement Chow

For every one of us, there is a destiny
Painted by people like you and me
Within these very hands, there is a special key
To who we are and all we can be
And we know, there are choices to make
Finding right roads to take
We'll conquer the skies, we know we'll try

We are a people of passion, we are the ones with the dreams
We are the ones who will fashion, visions for tomorrow
Courage for today, foundations that are here to stay
We are the ones who find a way

With friends and families, we'll learn to care
Letting them know that we'll always be there
To keep the ties we have, both firm and strong
So that our hearts will know where we belong
Now we learn to change with the times, with one heart and mind
Keeping open the doors, reaching out cause there's so much more

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