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Racing With My Heart

This song is by Unknown Artist.

It started out front with a five and dime a racing car for a quarter a ride mama looked
Worried than she strapped me in 'cause she knew I'd drive and win but I ran out of gas
Before to long she dropped another quarter and the race went on at the finish line I herd
The roar of the crowd but it was mama just laughing out loud

'Cause I'm racing with my heart and with my soul never looking back around the oval track
It's a feeling I couldn't let go I took the ckeckard flag at the finish line and the victory lap
When the race is mine running to win and racing with my heart

When I was 15 I got a part time job working on motors down at joe's garage in my school
And underneath the hood of a Chevy or Ford T-Bird down at the track every Saturday
Night he ran a fast car that I wanted to drive I made pit crew chief for the last two years
One night he put me in gear

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