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This song is by Unknown Artist.

Everyday it's he same old bullcrap
I wish I could escape from it and you
Why did I have to wake up.
I said someday I'd start a band...
Be like Kurt Cobain,
Save a bunch of souls,
Show everyone at home that I'm not a falure.
But I could care less about the future,
Cause the future's dead as I don't care.

And soon I see her...
In the distance it's her...
And everything falls the back of my mind,
And I wanna start the band just to impress her.
But then... I do something dumb...

And I don't remember what I said,
Or anything that I did, even though I wrote it in my songbook I,
Am dead inside, and so is all my life,
I crawl away for good as I play guitar
My mind splits in two,
Now I'm not making any sence
Any sence...

Too late to stop and tell her that I like her
I am confused, scared out of my mind.
Breathing in real deep,
Scared to take a single step,
Scared I'll do something dumb.
And I'm scared to step any closer,
'Cause I already fell down the stairs, as she
Sat and laughed.

And now I fail to be anything,
And I can't see anything.
I sit in my room and wonder if she
Thinks I'm dumb, and worthless.
Then I write this song,
And dream of playing it for her.
Though I know she'd laugh in my face,
But who cares, 'cause I'm not strong

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