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It's The Little Things

This song is by Unknown Artist.

Music: Patrick Seet
Lyrics: Ivan Chua

Over the years, I've grown to be a part of you
You've cared for me and opened the way to a happy and beautiful life
You make me feel warm and safe and give me hope for brighter days

It's the little things that we share, the love and joy that's in the air
The children's laughter everywhere, and all our favourite things

Over the years, I've grown accustomed to your ways
And no matter where I'll be, it warms my heart to know that
You're always here for me

Over the years, I've learnt we share a destiny
And no matter how good others may be
No one cares like you care for me
Cause deep down inside I feel you're a part of me
My Singapore, the place that I call my Home

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