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Drinking Song

This song is by Unknown Artist.

Im only a freshman
I'm normal as can be
I sleep through all my classes
And watch a lot of MTV
I havent done my laundry
In atleast a month or two (or three or four)

Scamming on chicks in chem lab
And puking college food
But classes end on Thursday night
And Friday finds me free
To meet my friends at the old west end
And use my fake ID

Drink Drink Drink and then throw up
Then get up and Drink some more (drink some more!)
And if I ever think that I've had to much to drink
Well then I'm probably passed out on the floor

By 10 pm I'm druelling
I'm so drunk I can't see
My friends say that she's ugly
But hey she looks ok to me
So I sit by my rolling rock
And wander to her side
And buy her a drink
And flirt a bit
And then see she's a guy

Drink Drink Drink and then throw up
When drunk you can do no wrong
I know its kinda crude
But there's nothing else to do
Ever since my girlfriend stole my bong.

Friends can you help me walk home
I can't seem to find the door

I want to fall in johnjay hall
And pass out on the rest room floor

If you see me turn me on my side
So I don't suficate

Pray the lord my sole to keep
For if I ever wake
I'll be so hung over lads
But friends I've got the cure
Stay in bed till the sun goes down
And drink a whole lot more.

Drink Drink Drink and then throw up
Then get up and shout horray
For tonight we have to go to the kings men show
And drunks the only way they'll sound ok oh

Drink Drink Drink and then throw up
Come lets raise or glasses high (raise them high!)
Were generation X
Put your faith in beer and sex
And these will be the best days of our lives!

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