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Chill Boy

This song is by Unknown Artist.

I turned my head away, didn't want to hear what you said
You hushed in your mind
I showed up insecure, but I thought you would be showed
I guess I have lost time

But at the end of my life I found it back on my life and I know that my life was good
At the end of my life found it back on my life, see I went up to you like a shot, I went up to what I want it, I want up to what I want it, and I've never really got it but it don't matter at all

I guess it was allowed to ask for these things we've lost, I guess it was just a dream. And time changes many things but my heart is still the things for you I don't know why...

I thought I spent my last days holding, don't care, and now out of my senses lying there on the floor

Everything's a lost thing... I went up to what I wanted, I went up to what I wanted and I risked don't really matter... it don't matter at all...

It don't matter at all

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