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Civil Defense Spot: Take the Step (Grandma's Pantry)

This song is by Unknown and appears on the compilation Atomic Platters: Cold War Music From the Golden Age of Homeland Security (2005).

Boy: What's with the basket, Mom, picnic?
Mom: Nope, this is Grandma's pantry, modern version.
Boy: Great, Mom, only what's it for?
Mom: Civil defense. And you're the one who brought that home from Scout meeting. Here, help me check off the list. Fruit juice
Boy: yep
Mom: Powdered milk
Boy: Right
Mom: Canned meat
Boy: Yeah
Announcer: Into Civil Defense comes Grandma's Pantry, the symbol
Of preparedness. Unexpected company, Grandma always had plenty for everyone
Announcer: No matter what unexpected disaster, your family should have a 7 day supply of food on hand, kept well protected in jars or tins, and safe in a shelter area
Announcer: In an emergency, or during evacuation case of enemy attack it's too late to plan. You'll have to depend on your own resources... on Grandma's Pantry
Announcer: Assure the future, know the 6 steps to survival. Make this year your family's year for Civil Defense
Announcer: Civil Defense - an American tradition!

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