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Civil Defense Spot: In Time of Emergency (Not Contagious)

This song is by Unknown and appears on the compilation Atomic Platters: Cold War Music From the Golden Age of Homeland Security (2005).

This is basic Civil Defense information from the Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense, Washington. When a nuclear bomb or missile explodes near the ground, great quantities of earth and debris are sucked up into the fireball and carried by the prevailing winds before falling back to earth. This material is radioactive fallout. The particles look like grains of salt or sand. Fallout gives off invisible gamma rays, like x-rays, and heavy exposure to it can cause serious radiation sickness, even death! If a person receives a small or medium dose of radiation, his body will repair itself and he will get well. Usually the effects of radiation from fallout are more severe in very young and very old persons, and those not in good health. Radiation sickness is not contagious. The most dangerous period is the first 24 hours after fallout arrives, but you might have to use fallout shelter up to 2 weeks. For further information about fallout, and how you can protect yourself against it, consult your local Civil Defense office.

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