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Civil Defense Spot: In Time of Emergency (Basic Supplies)

This song is by Unknown and appears on the compilation Atomic Platters: Cold War Music From the Golden Age of Homeland Security (2005).

This is basic Civil Defense information from the Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense, Washington. There's one easy, sensible thing your family should do to prepare for a possible time of emergency. Set aside a few simple basic supplies you will need to take to the public fallout shelter. Supplies to help keep you and your family alive and well in event of enemy attack. For instance, any special medicines or diet foods required by members of the family, insulin, heart tablets, baby food and other infant supplies, blankets, a battery powered radio, a flashlight, extra batteries, and, if the nearest public shelter hasn't been stocked yet with emergency rations and supplies, you'll need to take as much food and water as you can carry. Emergency supplies are needed for a private home shelter too. Lay in enough food, canned or packaged and preferably pre-cooked for 2 weeks, plus enough drinking water in tightly capped containers or jars to give each person at least a quart a day or more. For help in making up a list of needed supplies, consult your local Civil Defense office

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