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One Last Try

This song is by Uncle Outrage and appears on the album Space Legs (2014).

I've come back
For one last time
To use up all my
Wasted rhymes
Don't look now
I brought my spine
Critics disproved
One at a time
You hate one me
Don't like my voice
I can sing normal
This is choice
Big in Russia
That's the truth
Burn the house,
Tear down the roof

I miss my chins today
Tetra, Poppy, and Bird
I buried my only kids
It shouldn't happen that way

Uncle Outrage was
All tongue in check
Failed to get it?
Take a seat
I enjoyed a touch of fame
Now it's over
We're the same
Now to hear me
Press repeat
"Chemical Man"
Press delete
I don't actually have
500 friends
I'm not joking
This is the end.

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