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Woken by Noises

This song is by Ultimate Painting and appears on the album Green Lanes (2015).

So I'm woken
I'm woken by noises
Neighbors stamping and laughing and voices
Move from screens, write it apart
I lie here wondering if it's all over
Flash backs flashing
Tear at colors
Demons voices
My heart summons
Broken broken by waking
Shaking is all used to be filled with sadness
Desense into madness feeling I'm sinking
Far too much thinking
Flash backs flashing and strobing
Probing my barely functioning mind
Smoking, I'm smoking again
The pressure built up so I thought I'd cave in
And my chest is tight, and light and thunder
Forgive my thoughts it's sending me under
I can't breathe
I can't speak
I can't see
I can't feel
Ah man, it's not so bad
If only the morning would come, I could focus
My eyes and thoughts composed are more rational
I climb from this hole the morning I fashion a leapad
Sunshine and daydreams, sunscreen
Drinking more water
Talking, talking or singing
The song is all leaving me
Drifting away into nothing
I'm woken, woken by noises, neighbors, and drunken
Their fast Spanish voices go round and around
Their sound doesn't keep me awake but the thoughts I pound
But the picture I think of the most when I'm trying to sleep
Is not fair in the north
Sun soaked pleasure beach
Spinning round
Spinning x20


Written by:

Jack Cooper and James Hoare

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