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Bastard (2009)

Tyler, The Creator - Bastard


  1. Bastard
  2. Seven
  3. Odd Toddlers (featuring Casey Veggies)
  4. French! (featuring Hodgy Beats)
  5. Blow
  6. Pigs Fly (featuring Domo Genesis)
  7. Parade
  8. Slow It Down (featuring Hodgy Beats)
  9. AssMilk (featuring Earl Sweatshirt)
  10. VCR/Wheels
  11. Session (featuring Hodgy Beats and Mike G)
  12. Sarah
  13. Jack And The Beanstalk
  14. Tina (featuring Jasper and Taco)
  15. Inglorious

Goblin (2011)

Tyler, The Creator - Goblin


Tyler, The Creator - Goblin (Deluxe Edition)

Goblin (Deluxe Edition)

  1. Goblin
  2. Yonkers
  3. Radicals
  4. She (featuring Frank Ocean)
  5. Transylvania
  6. Nightmare
  7. Tron Cat
  8. Her
  9. Sandwitches (featuring Hodgy Beats)
  10. Fish
  11. Analog (featuring Hodgy Beats)
  12. Bitch Suck Dick (featuring Jasper Dolphin and Taco)
  13. Window (featuring Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats and Mike G)
  14. AU79
  15. Golden
  16. Burger (featuring Hodgy Beats) (Deluxe edition track)
  17. Untitled 63 (Deluxe edition track)
  18. Steak Sauce (Deluxe edition track)

Wolf (2013)

Tyler, The Creator - Wolf


Tyler, The Creator - Wolf Deluxe

Deluxe edition album art

  1. Wolf
  2. Jamba (featuring Hodgy Beats)
  3. Cowboy
  4. Awkward
  5. Domo23
  6. Answer
  7. Slater (featuring Frank Ocean)
  8. 48
  9. Colossus
  10. PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer (featuring Lætitia Sadier and Frank Ocean)
  11. IFHY (featuring Pharrell Williams)
  12. Pigs
  13. Parking Lot (featuring Casey Veggies and Mike G)
  14. Rusty (featuring Domo Genesis and Earl Sweatshirt)
  15. Trashwang (featuring Na'kel, Jasper, Lucas, L-Boy, Taco Bennett, Left Brain and Lee Spielman)
  16. Treehome95 (featuring Coco O. and Erykah Badu)
  17. Tamale
  18. Lone

Cherry Bomb (2015)

Tyler, The Creator - Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb

  1. Deathcamp
  2. Buffalo
  3. Pilot
  4. Run
  5. Find Your Wings (featuring Kali Uchis)
  6. Cherry Bomb
  7. Blow My Load
  8. 2Seater
  9. The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah Part 6-12 (Remix) (featuring ScHoolboy Q)
  10. Fucking Young / Perfect (featuring Kali Uchis and Charlie Wilson)
  11. Smuckers (featuring Kanye West and Lil Wayne)
  12. Kep Da O's (featuring Pharrell Williams)
  13. Okaga, CA (featuring Alice Smith and Leon Ware)
  14. Yellow (featuring Kali Uchis)

Flower Boy (2017)

Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy

Flower Boy

  1. Foreword (featuring Rex Orange County)
  2. Where This Flower Blooms (featuring Frank Ocean)
  3. Sometimes...
  4. See You Again (featuring Kali Uchis)
  5. Who Dat Boy (featuring A$AP Rocky)
  6. Pothole (featuring Jaden Smith)
  7. Garden Shed (featuring Estelle)
  8. Boredom (featuring Rex Orange County and Anna Of The North)
  9. I Ain't Got Time!
  10. 911 / Mr. Lonely (featuring Frank Ocean and Steve Lacy)
  11. Droppin' Seeds (featuring Lil Wayne)
  12. November
  13. Glitter
  14. Enjoy Right Now, Today

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Other Songs

  1. BSD
  2. French
  3. Screw Pimp Slaps
  4. VCR

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Tyler, the Creator is a performance name for Tyler Okonma.

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2007 - present

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  • The Neptunes


MTV Video Music Award for Best New Artist in 2011


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