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Hotel Rooms (2013)

TyDi - Hotel Rooms

Hotel Rooms

  1. Gravity (featuring Carmen Keigans)
  2. Chasing Nothing (featuring Luke Mansini)
  3. Fire & Load (Stripped) (featuring Christina Novelli)
  4. Before It Happens
  5. So Close
  6. Ashley's Theme
  7. Qf15
  8. Her Lullaby
  9. Vanilla (featuring Tania Zygar)
  10. Nightfall In Suburbia
  11. Red & Black
  12. Ariana
  13. Let You Go
  14. Interlude
  15. I Like, You Like
  16. Worlds Apart (featuring Audrey Gallagher)
  17. Meet Me In Kyoto
  18. A Picture Never Taken (featuring Kane)
  19. Half of Everything
  20. The Moment It Breaks (featuring Tania Zygar)
  21. Look Closer
  22. How Much Longer?
  23. The Camera Doesn't Lie, but You Do
  24. Confirmation Bias (featuring Kane)
  25. Sophie's Theme

Redefined (2014)

TyDi - Redefined


  1. Somebody For Me (featuring Cameron Forbes)
  2. Forever (featuring Michael Paynter)
  3. Redefined (featuring Melanie Fontana)
  4. Shipwreck (featuring Luke Mansini)
  5. Die This Way (featuring The Ready Set)
  6. Not That Beautiful (featuring Masha)
  7. Box of Lego (featuring Kasmir and Sinead Burgess)
  8. Black Wine (featuring Prince Charlez)
  9. Until I Met You (featuring Cameron Forbes)
  10. The Closer I Get (featuring Dashboard Confessional)
  11. So Alone (featuring BC Jean)
  12. Untraceable (featuring Briana Cuoco)
  13. Die Without You (featuring BC Jean and Silas)
  14. Perfect Crush (featuring Kerli)
  15. Apollo (featuring Cameron Walker)
  16. Give Ourselves Away (featuring Khaz)
  17. Racing Kites (featuring Sinead Burgess)
  18. Carry You (featuring Jennifer Rene)
  19. Make It Last
  20. Goin' Solar (featuring Carmen Keigans)

Other Songs

  1. Over The Edge
  2. Glow In The Dark (featuring Kerli)
  3. Take A Chance
  4. You Walk Away

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TyDi is a performance name for Tyson Illingworth.


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