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Ode On Dawn

This song is by Tusmørke and appears on the album Underjordisk Tusmørke (2012).

Elle est retrouvé
C'est la Mer allée
Avec le soleil
I sing my praise to the morning wind
Its soft caress unties my soul
So gently talking with image words
Whispering my fortune in other worlds
Delicately moving me to a moment of soothing coolness
The tongue of the sky
Travel with joy on this golden breeze
And hunt with him the shade of night
The golden gong clamors with molten Flame

Dispersing all shades to whence they came
Morrow day mourner
Stands in his tower
Greeting the ploughman
Radiant sower
Being a chaser
I chase the morning
Morningstar gazer
Chase on till dawn
The breath of the sun
Welcome you are
Glorious star
The battle is won
The day has begun


Written by:

B. Momrak, A. Prestmo and K. Momrak

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