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Slip Of Tongue

This song is by Turboweekend and appears on the album Night Shift (2007).

It comes out of my mouth
It creeps into the conversation
And like a moth out the window
We don't pay it much attention
It lays eggs under the surface
In the back of your mind
In the beginning nothing changes
But when the eggs hatch in your head, you go blind

A hundred hungry spiders
Weaves their treads around your brain
At first you cry when you feel them eating your nerves
But then the web absorbs the pain
I see your lips move to pronounce my name
But I'm not fooled by the spell

I know that no butter runs and no heartbeats
I know you're walking but your body is just a shell

Dirty nails, dirty knives
Poisonous politics and
Evil eyes, evil eyes,
Run like a virus through the
Sewer pipes, sewer pipes
A slip of tongue became a
Landslide, landslide,
Big mouths, open wide

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