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Into The Pavement

This song is by Turboweekend and appears on the album Bound (2010).

Dive into the pavement
Swim under the street
Way beneath the weight
Of the city's million feet
Ooze along the pipelines
Come away at night
We'll be waiting for you
Where the shadow meets the light

We're out of here -- out of here
Going anywhere - anywhere

Pull yourself together
Walk between the walls
Your sister thinks we're crazy
She's got no idea at all
They've got another moon down there
They've got another sun
And a special place for kids
With nowhere else to run

We're out of here -- out of here
Going Anywhere - anywhere
We'll be upside down - Once we're underground
Everything that we see - Is made for you & me
For you & Me

Fire in the kitchen
Smoke down to the floor
Mother's in the bathroom
She can't hear the war
Footsteps in the basement
They're running up the stairs
Fathers in the attic
Says he doesn't care

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