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Silent Roar

This song is by Turbonegro and appears on the album Scandinavian Leather (2003).

The Longest night of all
Times to the end of the day
Cold white tiles tuck you in
Gentle sleep takes you away
Good night, my friend, sleep tight
Don't worry 'bout waking up
There's nothing to wake up to
There's nothing left here for you

Sometimes I wish it was me
But I'll have to stay behind
I'll fight, you'll rest, I'm stuck, you're free

So sleep, take the load off your mind
Good night, my friend, sleep tight
Don't worry, the days a turn out
And when you wake up you'll feel all right
You'll never be sick again

Some facts are hard to find
You were not always nice
You lost your self respect and pride
But we forgive you and we apologize
Good night, my friend, sleep tight
Never mind tomorrow
It's not your concern anymore
The pain is gone, the grief and sorrow
Grief and sorrow
You can leave it outside heaven's door

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